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Ritam Thakur has been promoting unexplored tourist destinations in Sainj valley in Banjar subdivision since 2012. Belonging to Laida village, he engaged in adventure activities like trekking, climbing, mountain crossing rivers and cycling. His passion and the success he has achieved has become an inspiration for many to adopt eco-friendly tourism as a way of earning a living.

Ritam scouts out scenic and pristine spots around her village to attract tourists. He started the business by turning his house into a foster home.

Ritam worked for eight years in hotels in Shimla and Manali after graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management, Kufri, Shimla. He quit his job and started out inspiring young people to take up hiking, climbing, river crossings, biking, and more. He provided jobs for some young people in the village.

Ritam is gaining success in the business and has now welcomed thousands of tourists. They visit temples and scenic natural places around Laida, in addition to tasting traditional dishes prepared in the region. He developed trekking routes to Bunga and Thihani and played a key role in linking the Laxmi Narayan Temple in Galun and the Panchveer Temple in Laida with tourism.

Archana, a tourist from Kerala who wrote a review on Laida village rural tourism, wrote: “My husband and I stayed here for 10 days. These were the best days of our 50 day trip to Himachal. Kullvi’s traditional cuisine is very tasty.

Engage and inspire locals

  • Ritam worked for eight years in hotels in Shimla and Manali
  • To develop tourism in his village, he quits his job and involves the inhabitants
  • He inspired young people to start trekking, climbing, crossing rivers, cycling, etc.
  • He started his business by turning his house into a foster home and uploaded the unexplored places to a website.

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