What’s the Bengals’ next offensive line? Evaluation of 5 places and options – The Athletic

The Bengals have found ways to win despite their offensive line. It’s not analysis. It’s not a bold take. It’s a fact.

Seventy sacks, a bruised throat, a dislocated little finger, and two knee wounds serve as Exhibits A, B, C, D, and E.

Every other element of the Bengals roster was good enough to win a championship, but it took until the last six practices of the season for the problem to finally bury them.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction to the Super Bowl. Aaron Donald is considered one of the top five defensive players of all time. Von Miller is a first-round Hall of Famer. Leonard Floyd was a first-round pick.

The Rams have blasted every line in their path on the championship road, including a high-paying and accomplished group in San Francisco. Quite simply, games that look like that are how they’re built.

That doesn’t excuse the Bengals’ offensive line problems, it just amplified them to almost unfair levels.

Still, Cincinnati finished 30th in the NFL in pass block success rate and the 14% Super Bowl win rate was the lowest of any team in any game this season, according to NFL NextGen. Stats.

This goes beyond the obvious pass blocking. Other issues up front and down the middle of the stretch were issues in the red zone and the short yardage. A lot of that comes down to diminishing returns from the running game where Joe Mixon only averaged 3.

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