What Readers Had to Say This Week About Local Stories, #6 – The Durango Herald

People weigh in on a petition, public transport and house prices

Each week, we highlight some of the most insightful, passionate and witty comments shared on Facebook in response to stories in The Herald of Durango.

This week, readers weighed in on a petition calling for greater public involvement regarding the relocation of the downtown fire hall, Durango’s transit challenges, the La County housing market Plata and gunman BB suspected of shoplifting at Home Depot.

We welcome readers’ comments and reactions to local stories: people can chime in through our Facebook page, at the bottom of local news on our website at www.durangoherald.com, or by writing a letter to the editor.

Here are some comments that stood out this week:

Story: Petition Demands Broader Public Process for Fire Hall Approval

Citizens Voice Durango, a group of local residents and business owners, has embarked on an initiative that would require the City of Durango to change its code for fire and police developments and require a public hearing. (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

“I find it frustrating that a small group of people with a small neighborhood problem are trying to make it a citywide problem. It makes it look like the mayor and his friends are trying to do it only because it’s near his backyard. There have been police and fire stations in the central business district for decades. It’s not new. Only people in the neighborhood are new and worried that it will hurt the resale of their house. – Nick Ryan

“Nick Ryan, I am frustrated that a small group of people, using taxpayers’ money, are allowed to make the decision to alter our historic downtown without allowing any public scrutiny.” – Jim Sims

“We’ll have a fire station sooner if they just rebuild River Town Hall. We are pro-fire and police, they just need to be in a suitable downtown location. It’s not the old high school. Also, there is no data indicating that the response time would be better or even equal to River City Hall. The fees are exorbitant. Let the people speak – you and me – to find the best solutions since our elected officials and other “leaders” cannot and do not even speak to each other! – Ellen Stein

Story: Shortage of drivers, funding remains an obstacle for public transport

La Plata County commissioners met with transit leaders on Monday to discuss the challenges facing public transportation and some of the solutions the county could support. (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald file)

“Stop wasting money on marketing and advertising and focus on the essentials. They’re wasting money on public art. I think enough people know about Durango at this point. Durango isn’t no secret let companies pay for marketing and advertising if they really need to increase traffic. Thomas Stevenson

Story: Price up, inventory down in first quarter of La Plata County home sales

Home prices in La Plata County rose 23% in the first quarter of this year compared to the first quarter of 2021. At the same time, the number of units sold fell 20%. (John Bazemore/Associated Press file)

“Have you heard of the term ‘supply and demand’? That’s exactly what happens when you limit growth. From what I understand, the city of Durango requires developers to build a certain percentage of low income housing or pay huge fines/taxes.This is designed to limit growth and force all housing costs to rise.This has the exact opposite effect of what the city says it wants. – Bob N Zela

“Remote workers, vacation home buyers and swarms of city dwellers fleeing crowded cities for our beautiful open spaces have chewed up the supply. All of these forces (ignited by a pandemic) have put a price on many hard-working people. And yet, Visit Durango still finds the need to pump millions into tourism marketing, thanks to its recently passed 55% tenant tax cut. What a mess.” – Derek Thielin

Story: Police arrest man suspected of shoplifting, showing gun at Home Depot in Durango

The Durango Police Department arrested Matthew Kiesel, 30, on Tuesday after officers found a weapon in his backpack that matched the description of a weapon shown to Home Depot employees. (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

“That must have been the price of wood!” – Derek MacGuffie

“Gone are the innocent days of Durango, when we could laugh at certain entries in the police diary…. ‘Woman sitting on a sidewalk with bread on her face’. It’s the one I never forget. But times are changing, it’s just sad to see this happen.” Sheila Trank Niblick

“I made us a bingo card.” – Suzie Null

(Courtesy of Suzie Null via Facebook)

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