Vail resident launches new property management company

Nathan Fuller recently opened Woodland Property Management in Vail.
Nathan Fuller/Courtesy Photo

Company Name : Vail Woods Property Management, LLC

Location: Vail West.

Opening date : August 2022

Owner: Nathan Fuller

Contact information: Email [email protected]call 970-335-8680 or visit

What goods or services do you provide? Door-to-door checks for vacation and part-time homes, complete management of real estate services and management of short-term rentals.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competitors? Our key differentiators are reliability and local perspective. I pride myself on maintaining 100% reliability from the first interaction and quote through to closing a contract with our clients. Plus, this business is run by real locals who live and work in Vail. This is reflected in the way we approach finding contractors and managing short-term rentals.

What philosophy do you follow in your relations with your customers? What can your customers expect from you? Reliability, trust and integrity. We apply strong principles throughout our operations. This means we only accept work that we know we can do to our quality standards. Our clients can expect the job to be completed correctly, on time and communicated effectively.

Tell us a bit about your background, training and experience: I came to Vail like many locals do: try to find me. I was working in advertising/marketing after graduating from college in upstate New York, and COVID had us working from home about two and a half years into my job.

I had a hard time staying home all day staring at my computer, so I dropped out and moved to Vail, crashing with my brothers (who had been locals for a decade at the time) and working at a restaurant in Vail Village. Two years later, I am settled in the valley, living and working. After working on some local properties and supporting tenancy management, I decided to put my skills and reliability into something worthwhile: Woodland Property Management.

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