Travel Like a Tourist: Seven Places to Visit in the Niagara Region

Living in the Niagara region, it can be hard to find activities that aren’t crowded with visitors from all over the world. However, for those willing to risk the crowds, here are some places you can visit to experience the Niagara region through the eyes of a tourist.


Take a trip to Niagara Falls, where you can visit The Tunnel, a new underground experience at Niagara Parks Power Plant. The tunnel allows guests to visit a new viewing platform that leads directly to the edge of the river and offers a never-before-seen view of the falls.


Visit Fort George National Historic Site, the headquarters of part of the British Army during the War of 1812. While at the site, listen to the sounds of the Fife and Drum Corps, playing music that the soldiers would have heard when they were stationed at Fort George. You can also watch musket demonstrations or enjoy meals prepared over an open fire.


For those looking for thrills, the Fort Erie Racecourse might be the place to go. Marking its 125th racing season this year, the track hosts horse racing almost every Monday and Tuesday. Guests can also attend dog races and vendors’ markets during special events on Sundays in the summer.


Are you interested in scuba diving, but don’t want to travel? Look no further than the shores of Lake Erie in Port Colborne. More than 20 shipwrecks, from wooden schooners to steel freighters, lie within a 20-mile radius of the area. For those not interested in ships, a closed quarry near Sherkston Beach allows visitors to step back in time, seeing mining equipment, train tracks and an underwater locomotive.


If the crowds at Niagara Falls are a little too much, DeCew Falls offers a quieter but still scenic sight. Two falls are available on site, Upper DeCew Falls and Lower DeCew Falls. Located near the Morningstar factory, DeCew Falls can be reached by a short hike on the Bruce Trail. Be sure to plan shoes accordingly if you do this trip.


Canal Concerts are back for 2022, bringing live music to Welland. Upcoming events include “Drag it to the Canal”, an evening of live music and drag and “Early Elton” featuring classic 70s music from Elton John. Held at the Merritt Amphitheater, these Friday night musical events take place throughout the summer.


Forty Creek Distillery is ready to welcome visitors to its new Forty Creek Brand House, which just opened this year. Staff can guide you through a free whiskey tasting. Visitors can also purchase Forty Creek products on the site, buying directly from the source.


A tourist’s trip to the Niagara region would not be complete without enjoying the region’s abundance of vineyards and wineries. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the region’s many tours, helping to showcase the best wines Niagara has to offer.

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