Tourist sites to be linked to highways


The government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has launched an inclusive plan to link remote and inaccessible tourist sites with highways and highways in order to take full advantage of the tourism potential of Malakand and Hazara and reduce the load on popular sites.

Khawazakhela, the most picturesque town in Swat district with lush green valleys, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, would be linked to Besham Shangla district by a highway to open up all these picturesque areas to tourists and adventure sports enthusiasts. .

The provincial government has planned the construction of the Khawazakhela-Besham highway to strengthen tourism, industrialization and regional connectivity in the province.

A Pakhtunkhwa Highway Authority (PkHA) official told APP on Wednesday that the government has allocated Rs 24million for the feasibility, design and construction of the mega project, of which Rs 12million is set aside for the current fiscal year. .

Khawazakhela and Besham would now be linked to the Swat Highway which will transform the entire Malakanad division into a hub of commerce, business and tourism. Planning for the Swat Motorway (Phase-II) is at an advanced stage and civil works are expected to start by December next month.

To take full advantage of the mega project, he said, the Khawazakhela bypass road would be built at an estimated cost of Rs 400m, including an allocation of Rs 20m for the current fiscal year. Likewise, the feasibility study and construction of 2.5 kilometers of Chupryal bypass road in Swat district would be constructed at an estimated cost of 400 million rupees, of which 20 million rupees would be spent over the course of the year. ‘fiscal year 2021-22.

Construction works of Kandia road in Upper Kohistan district for an amount of Rs 3.8 billion, of Beer-Kalangir road in Haripur district for Rs 1.2 billion, construction of a bridge road to Kulader Chowk Charsadda worth Rs 1.05 billion and the dualisation of the Swabi Jehangira road for Rs 3. 6 billion were shipped which, when completed, would benefit hundreds of thousands of people in addition to strengthening regional connectivity and opening up new scenic areas for tourists and adventure sports enthusiasts.

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