Tourist sites thrive on Eid vacationers

Hundreds of people swarmed different popular tourist spots across the country as Eid-ul-Fitr offered people from different cities a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature after a long time.

Popular tourist spots in the country including Cox’s Bazar, Sundarbans, Jaflong in Sylhet and Chimbuk Hill in Bandarban were packed with good numbers of tourists during the Eid holiday.

However, a small incident disrupted the festive atmosphere when volunteers mandated by the local administration beat up a group of tourists at Jaflong in Sylhet on Thursday, following an altercation over ticket prices.

The number of tourists does not live up to expectations in Cox’s Bazar

The expected number of tourists did not visit Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sea beach, during the Eid holiday, tourism traders said.

According to the sources, more than three lakh tourists visited the sea beach during the three days of Eid.

Mukim Khan, Secretary General of the Kalatali Marine Drive Hotel Resort Owners Association, said: “The number of tourists to Cox’s Bazar on Thursday was over 120,000. The same number of tourists will also stay on Friday. On Saturday the number will be around 60,000, and from Sunday the number will become insignificant.”

He said: “We cannot talk about the expected number of tourists. However, there is nothing disappointing. Traders are satisfied with this number of tourists.

Abdur Rahman, president of the Greater Beach Traders Association, has his own hotel residence and restaurant. “Thursday we had 100% hotel reservations, although it was 80% for the first two days of Eid. However, many tourists come during the day and return at the end of the day.

No additional crowds in Bandarban

Bandarban becomes a popular tourist attraction during Eid. To get closer to nature, city dwellers flock to Meghla, Nilachal, Nilgiri and Chimbuk Hill, turning every place crowded with tourists.

But for this year’s Eid, no additional crowds were seen at any of the area’s popular tourist sites.

Those involved in the tourism sector have said that many tourists are not staying in the city currently. They stay in new tourist centers that have sprung up at the upazila level. For this reason, the tourist centers around the city were not as crowded as before during the Eid holiday.

Sirajul Islam, Secretary General of the Bandarban Residential Hotel and Motel Owners Association, said: “It was too hot before Eid and on the first and second days of Eid, heavy downpours hampered the celebration. It seems that the tourist crowds have diminished. for these reasons.”

Many visit the Sundarbans to be closer to nature

Hundreds of tourists flocked to the Sundarbans to get closer to nature during the Eid holiday.

Nature lovers came to see the Sundarbans from different parts of the country, including the capital. Around 3,000 tourists traveled to the Satkhira range in the western Sundarbans in three days of Eid. There were no vacancies at Borsha Resort in the coastal Sundarbans.

Borsha Resort Manager Raju Ahmed said that at present the resort is well attended. All rooms are booked. Tourists from different districts came to visit the Sundarbans during Eid holidays. The rooms will be empty after April 8.”

All resorts booked in Moulvibazar

After the Eid celebration was disrupted by the pandemic for the past two years, dozens of tourists flocked to different tourist spots in Moulvibazar during the Eid holiday this year.

All rooms in about 75 hotels and resorts in Srimangal were booked even 10/12 days before Eid.

Shamsul Haque, secretary general of Srimangal Tourism Services, said the crowd of tourists is much bigger this time and the excitement among the tourists is also higher. “We have our own eco-resort which was booked 15 days ago. No hotels or resorts are vacant at the moment in Srimangal,” he said.

Privately employed Jerin Shravan came to visit from Dhaka on Eid day. She said: “This year there is a little more excitement than the last two years. I came here to visit thinking that there will be more people from the day after Eid. I am going back now back to mechanical life after staying with my loved ones for two days.”

Volunteers beat tourists in Jaflong

Volunteers appointed by the upazila administration attacked tourists in Jaflong, a tourist area of ​​Gowainghat upazila in Sylhet. Several people were injured in the attack.

The incident of the beating of six tourists, including men, women and children, took place outside the ticket office in the Jaflong tourist area around 2 p.m. Thursday, following an altercation over the price of tickets.

Several videos of the incident have gone viral on social media Facebook. In one such video, a group of tourists are seen being beaten by three volunteers, dressed in blue uniforms, with sticks in their hands. At that time, some tourists in the group went to arrest them and were humiliated.

Later, locals and other tourists came forward and rescued the tourists.

Gowainghat Upazila Nirbahi (UN) officer Md Tahmilur Rahman told The Business Standard that the tour group wanted to enter the Jaflong area without tickets, sparking an altercation between tourists and volunteers at the counter. “At one point the volunteers attacked the tourists,” he said.

The UN said: “Our tourism will suffer greatly. Since the attackers are our volunteers, I take responsibility for them. We have already fired three volunteers and asked the local police to take legal action against them.”

The Officer in Charge (OC) of Gowainghat Police Station, KM Nazrul Islam, said: “We have identified the volunteers and arrested two of them. We try to stop others.

Kuakata flooded with tourists

Kuakata Sea Beach in Patuakhali was flooded with tourists celebrating the Eid holiday.

The number of tourists has steadily increased since the afternoon of Eid day.

All hotels, motels, guesthouses were booked for the three days after the Eid day, according to the sources.

“After two years of the pandemic, we had the chance to visit this place. We feel very fresh when we arrive here. But, now, the place is overcrowded.” Said Sharmin Akter, a tourist from Barishal town.

“We are now making good profits. The large number of guests may continue until next Saturday,” said Kuakata Hotel Motel Association secretary Motaleb Hossain.

In the three days of Eid, the transaction Tk5-Tk10 crore was done approximately, he added.

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