Top five stories in Ottawa this week

Residents are concerned about a group linked to a convoy setting up in an Ottawa neighborhood and a porch pirate groundhog filmed south of the capital. takes a look at the top five stories on our website this week.

Ottawa police insist the capital “remains a safe city”, following a series of violent incidents this month.

There were two murders and several shootings in Ottawa in July. Vuyo Kashe, 36, was killed in a shooting on Clarence Street in Lowertown on July 15. Abdulhamid Haji Rageb, 24, died in a shooting on Banff Avenue on July 5.

“Ottawa, compared to other major cities in Canada, remains a safe city,” said Supt. says Jamie Dunlop.

“I encourage communities to reach out to each other and the police, it is only through partnership that we will ensure our city remains safe.”

Supt. Dunlop says all neighborhoods remain relatively safe in Ottawa.

“In reality, since the start of the year, we’re down 34%, but when you have a number of very close incidents, you know that two shootings resulted in two homicides, two people were affected,” said said Dunlop on Monday.

The Ottawa Police Services Board is scheduled to meet Monday afternoon.

Residents are expressing concerns about a connected group “Freedom Convoy” rooting in Ottawa’s Lowertown neighborhood.

The United People of Canada, a self-declared, federally incorporated “not-for-profit social enterprise organization,” has a presence at St. Brigid’s Church on Saint Patrick Street. Company documents show three members of the group’s board of directors: Kimberley Ward, William Komer and Diane Nolan.

Lowertown residents say they are concerned about the group’s appearance at the church and plan to set up what the TUPC calls “the embassy”; a downtown location described by the organization’s social media as a “people’s forum, where all voices have the opportunity to be heard, regardless of niche of thought, opinion, ‘expression or belief’.

“I heard it was a headquarters, an embassy, ​​an office, that sort of thing. This is the part that makes me a bit uncertain,” said Mohamed Elmekki.

The building, a designated heritage site, is privately owned and currently listed at a sale price of $5.95 million.

In an email, Komer told CTV News that the group plans to “restore and adaptively reuse surplus and underutilized institutional properties in vibrant community spaces.”

St. Brigid’s Church on St. Patrick Street is adorned with flags and banners of the united people of Canada. (Colton Praill/CTV News)

An Ottawa teenager on a summer vacation in France has been missing for more than a week in the French Alps, according to rescue officials.

French authorities say 17-year-old Yassin Jouali was last seen on July 12 while on a mountain trail with friends in France’s Chamonix-Mont-Blanc region, a seaside resort close to the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy.

Commander André-Vianney Espinasse, of the Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne (PGHM) platoon in Chamonix, said Jouali was trail running when he was last seen.

Chamonix is ​​over 200 kilometers from Lyon, France.

Friends tell CTV News Ottawa that Jouali recently graduated from Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa.

Yassin Jouali, 17, was last seen in France on July 12. (PGHM Chamonix Mont-Blanc/Facebook)

There have been some scary times for a woman and her children walking down a street in Kanata this week.

Video from a witness shows a City of Ottawa pickup truck side-swiping an SUV, crossing the sidewalk and colliding with a parked vehicle.

Ottawa Police are investigating the collision involving three vehicles on Bridlewood Drive at Huntings End Avenue around 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Police say one of the vehicles involved was an identified City of Ottawa pick-up truck.

Video sent to CTV News Ottawa shows a white City of Ottawa truck traveling along Bridlewood Drive as it leaves the road and rolls along the grass, back onto the road and brushes past a white SUV traveling through the same direction. The two vehicles cross the grass and sidewalk past a woman and a group of children walking down the street, the video shows.

A witness said the van then rammed a car parked in a garage.

The driver of the city vehicle was taken to hospital with minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.

“The City is investigating an incident involving a City of Ottawa pickup truck on Bridlewood Drive. No further information is available at this time,” Public Works General Manager Alain Gonthier said in a statement to CTV News. Ottawa.

Ottawa police say a City of Ottawa pickup truck was involved in a three-vehicle accident in Kanata on Thursday. (Video Viewer)

A pirate porch rodent has a new voltage converter for its den, after it was caught on camera stealing an Amazon package from a home near Winchester, Ontario. this week.

Kerry Coons told CTV News Ottawa the family received an alert that the package had been delivered Wednesday evening, but there was no sign of the package at the home south of Ottawa.

After searching the property, Coons saw the porch security camera and discovered that a groundhog had snatched the object from the porch and fled.

A two-minute video sent to CTV News Ottawa shows the groundhog walking towards the small package on the porch and sniffing the package. Shortly after, the groundhog ran off with the package in its mouth.

Coons says after searching the property, they never found the package.

A groundhog stole a package from the porch of a house near Winchester, Ontario. this week. (Kerry Coons/submitted)

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