Top 10 Hi-Fi news of the week

Good Vibes is all about spotlighting friends, influencers and contributors in the audio and music community to say THANK YOU! Check out these ten stories on the web. Do you have someone to highlight? Leave a comment so we can check them all out.

1. Brand failure

🇺🇸 Are you an audiophile? Do you aspire to become an audiophile? Do you like music more than hardware or vice versa? Can anyone be one? Is there a trial?

There is a stigma that comes with the term audiophile. I propose to change our name and call us “audiofriends”. The audio community is one of the best communities in the world.

Check out the latest video from with my schoolyard friend Emiko talking about this pivot change.

#Audiophile or #Audiofriend

2. Club 100K

🇺🇸 Congratulations on 100,000 YouTube subscribers to Cheap Audio Man. Congratulations Randy for being a super cool audiophile or friend audiodemonstrating that audio doesn’t have to be the price of a luxury car, a Hawaiian vacation, or a high-end one.

3. Mixing

🇬🇧 Gene challenges audiophile purists who are stuck with no mixing or EQ. Are you open to trying new things? As an audiophile, we should strive to be exposed, listen and learn. A key attribute of my audiophile journey is exposure and experience.

4. Premium Preview

🇬🇧 HiFi Turtle and Bass Therapy give us some glimpses of Munich High End 2022. Are you going? Have you seen a High End show? HOORAY for the return of broadcasts.

LS60s are all the rage right now. Did you hear them?

5. Home Theater Setup

🇬🇧 Home Theater Fanatics shows us how to hook up a home theater surround sound system. I wholeheartedly agree with Jiles’ decision to select a quality power supply and Shunyata makes excellent audio products; you can justify them just by looking!


🇨🇦 Are you inspiring Canadian audio recording tech? My friend Matthew @mproac has nothing but rave reviews for OIART’s 11 month audio recording program in London Ontario Canada, huh!

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For more information:

7. Collection

🇺🇸 Do you collect? Alex is @hifi_collecting_with_alex

Continuing the audio journey my dad started in the 1960s.

See this post on Instagram

A post shared by alex foreman (@hifi_collecting_with_alex)

8. Government documents

🇺🇸 Now that we know the Whitehouse record collection, I wonder what kind of audio equipment is the big house? Predictions? Kudos to Besfloras Nievera for sharing this story on LinkedIn.

For more information: The untold story of the White House’s oddly hip record collection

9. Show Tips

🇩🇪 What to expect at Munich High End 2022? explains Darko.

10. Fake Media

🇺🇸 Are audiophiles fake? Can you smell the fake? Listen to Tony Whatley interview Kimanzi Constable on Fake Media Influence Exposed. It’s not audio, but FAKE is everywhere. Error on the side of authenticity.

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