These are the best places to visit with kids in Dubai

Planning a trip to the main tourist destination of the United Arab Emirates with children and wondering how to make the vacation fun for everyone? Dubai is full of attractions and it is always very easy for travelers to get lost in its beautiful beaches, incredible resorts, outstanding buildings and fascinating sporting activities. Being so diverse, the city is full of things that any type of vacationer would enjoy. And of course, when traveling with young children, visitors should always be aware. Having a plan B is essential as sightseeing can be tiring for children, and once in town there is no room for improvisation! Luckily, with all the kid-friendly activities, Dubai is essentially a playground for kids. Here are the best places to visit with kids in Dubai.

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ten Lose yourself in the Dubai Mall and its attractions

Exploring the Dubai Mall is a must for any traveler visiting the city, but it’s even more fun for kids. Children won’t have to watch the same thing more than once in the world’s largest shopping mall! There’s plenty at the mall to keep the kids entertained. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the most interesting attractions for children at the mall. Here, children will be able to observe more than 140 species of fish, including more than 300 sharks, among other creatures. Other places to check out with the kids in the mall are the ice rink, where kids can learn ice skating; KidZania, which is suitable for children in educational games; DubaiDino, a dinosaur skeleton over 155 million years old on display at the mall.

  • Entrance fees for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:
    $47 weekdays and $61 weekends

  • Entrance fees for the ice rink:

  • Entrance fees for KiZania:
    $45.72 for children, $19.05 for adults

  • Entrance fees for DubaiDino:


9 Take the kids to Dubai’s amazing water parks

This city’s water parks aren’t just attractions; sometimes they are actually needed as Dubai is always hot. The good news is that these water parks are still open to travelers and are some of the best things to do with kids in the UAE capital. Some of the most popular places are the Yas Waterworld, Wild Wadi and Aquaventure. A fascinating travel experience for children is guaranteed in these places. Families will enjoy a meal and play with dolphins at Dolphin Bay and enjoy water sports such as kayaking with kids at Wadi Adventure. Dubai is a place to see!

8 Explore the Dubai Garden Glow

Open every day from 4:00 p.m., the Garden Glow is a perfect place to take a walk with the children. Being Dubai’s newest attraction, it will amaze almost every visitor. The garden has four different parks, each offering a unique experience. Kids are sure to enjoy the spectacular structures displayed in colorful lights at Glow Park. Kids who love educational fun can head to Dinosaur Park and learn more about dinos. The other two parks are Ice Park and Magic Park. The unique setups and glows provide an experience every child will relish!

seven Take a walk in the garden of miracles

Visiting Miracle Garden will make kids feel like they’re at Disneyland. Covering over 72,000 square meters, the Miracle Garden is the largest garden in the world and over 50 million flowers grow there. The garden is divided into sections, including the Butterfly Garden, Disney Avenue and Giant Mickey Mouse, each offering a unique experience that will leave children in awe! The area is vast and breathtaking, and there are always guided tours available to help travelers navigate one of the most awe-inspiring gardens on the planet.

6 Take the kids on a desert safari

A desert safari will be fun for children. Families can rent a 4×4 and enjoy beautiful dunes like Al Qudra and Liwa. There are many places to experience fantastic desert views. Vacationers should pack enough water, food, and other supplies when going on a desert safari. Sandboarding on the dunes is one of the things kids will love to do and can be included in the desert safari. An evening game drive would provide the most awe-inspiring experience in the desert, as children can watch the traditional shows and a barbecue in addition to being driven around the dunes.

5 Hub Zero

Hub Zero is the perfect place to visit with teenagers. They can roam the rides and adventure zones, most of which are filled with reality activities. Some of the favorite places for tourists are Hack Attack and Virtual Arena. They are gun-based and involve people wearing goggles and practicing their sharp shooting skills by shooting zombies. There are other adventure zones to indulge in different fascinating activities. There are also amazing dining areas to sit down and have great family meals.

  • Entrance fees to access all rides:

4 Explore over 3000 trees and animal species on Green Planet

A place with over 3000 species of exotic trees and wild animals is nothing like Dubai. But guess what, there are! The Green Planet is an exotic rainforest that will offer families an incredible opportunity to experience both the rainforest and the desert. It will be an educational and interactive travel experience connecting children to the world’s most important ecosystems in a single visit. Visiting the green planet is an experience that every child will remember!

3 Go to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

On every visit to Dubai, exploring Burj Khalifa is always at the top of most tourists’ bucket lists. Climbing to the top of the building is a unique and fulfilling experience that the whole family will find awe-inspiring. Standing 2,722 feet tall, the height of Burj Khalifa is incredible, and one cannot always see the height of the building until they find a position to view it from below. Visiting Burj Khalifa at night is magnificent as the views from the top are breathtaking.

Tip: Book early enough to avoid long waits and frustration. If you forget to book in advance, you can try in the morning, because the place is less crowded.

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2 Discover the Dubai Fountain

Who would miss the incredible dancing fountains located just at the foot of Burj Khalifa? When traveling to Dubai with children, the Dubai Fountain is a must-see attraction as they will be entertained by the random display of lights and music from the dancing fountains. In the afternoon, vacationers can enjoy a few shows presented at the fountain. However, the fountains are more spectacular at night. The fountains are also breathtaking from the top of Burj Khalifa.

1 Explore Legoland Dubai

Children under the age of 12 will definitely enjoy visiting the Legoland Dubai theme park. Just like other Legoland parks around the world, this one in Dubai is breathtaking, with fantastic rides and shows designed to entertain children. The amazing water park offers fascinating pools, slides and other kid-friendly activities. However, older children over 1.2 feet will enjoy being here more than younger children. Some of the must-haves of Legoland Dubai take on adventurous rides and roller coasters for the best building experience. Families can book the Legoland hotel to spend a few nights.

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