These are the best fall vacation spots in British Columbia, according to 6 top travel bloggers

There are so many beautiful places to visit in British Columbia when the fall season arrives, but some really stand out more than others.

Luckily, Narcity spoke to several travel influencers and bloggers across BC to find out which are the best vacation spots for that perfect fall getaway.

So if you’re thinking of planning a fall road trip around the province anytime soon, you might want to consider some of these travel pros’ must-see spots during the season.


According to @thevancouveriteblog, Whistler, BC is a beautiful place to visit in the fall. The leaves change color and the city becomes a mesmerizing array of orange, red, yellow and gold.

This blogger recommends visiting Whistler’s annual Cornucopia Fall Festival and visiting the Scandinave Spa while you’re there.



“I love Tofino in the fall, I go there with my dog ​​every year,” said @thefloralaw. Also, the Wickaninnish Inn is the perfect place to stay because it’s right on the beach and the dogs are great.

The small coastal town of Tofino is a great place to relax and unwind in the fall.


sunny coast

World traveler and incredible photographer, @ben.glassco, recommends heading to the Sunshine Coast in the coming season.

“It’s quiet, scenic and perhaps the most underrated area of ​​coastal BC,” Glassco said.


Cathedral Provincial Park

“Cathedral Provincial Park is an amazing place for fall hiking,” said @deeehabs. It’s a wonderful place to capture all of nature’s amazing colors, especially in the fall.


Powell River

Powell River is a beautiful place to visit in the fall, according to @tovogueorbust. It’s her home away from home and a great place to kayak even in the colder months – as long as you bring a wetsuit with you!


Galiano Island

This small island in British Columbia is truly fascinating and a wonderful place to visit in the fall. The “crowds are minimal and the hiking trails are peaceful,” said @nonstopdestination.

“It’s the perfect place for the ultimate fall getaway,” they added.

Galiano Island even has some super unique sandstone caves to check out while you’re there.


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