These are the 10 cheapest vacation spots in Florida for 2022

The sunny US state of Florida is a dream destination and has a lot to offer visitors from all over the world, making it a successful vacation trip. Home to natural wonders, quirky attractions and history, Florida offers a rich diversity that every traveler seeks. Lined with endless miles of fantastic, pristine sandy beaches, it features exciting splashes, numerous lakes, stunning marine life and exotic wildlife. Whether people are going on a family vacation that will involve a stop at magical Orlando excursions or traveling as a couple, including sunbathing on Florida’s fantastic beaches and watching glorious sunsets, the city can be very affordable while providing the most memorable experience. Here are the ten cheapest vacation spots in Florida for 2022.

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ten cocoa beach

Cocoa Beach is easily one of Florida’s most famous vacation spots, as it combines the old-fashioned and budget resort type and is also very popular among families and surfers. In Cocoa Beach, people enjoy the sun and the sea in a relaxing environment and rent affordable accommodations just steps from the beach. Additionally, travelers enjoy inexpensive and exciting activities such as strolling down Cocoa Village Street, surfing, and taking in stunning views from Canaveral Harbor.

9 Jacksonville Beach

Located in North Florida, Jacksonville Beach is a fun and affordable place, offering decent, quiet hotels and beach rentals. People visit the fantastic Jax Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach to sunbathe and relax. It is also recommended to visit the fun museum in the same area, take a walk around the beautiful Saint John River and discover the downtown area rich in sports, history and culture.

8 Pensacola Beach

Located in the West Panhandle region and famous for the white sands of the Emerald Coast, Pensacola Beach is a laid-back, budget-friendly spot that’s home to affordable hotels and vacation homes. It includes white sand beaches, shops and restaurants on the beach promenades. People also visit the Pensacola Lighthouse, the Children’s Museum and Zoo, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Pensacola Beach also offers some of the most breathtaking sunsets.

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seven Marathon

The tropical island of Marathon is a less crowded hidden gem than the more popular of

Florida. People take a spontaneous trip to Florida and choose Marathon Island for its beautiful beaches, sea turtles, water activities such as snorkeling and marine conservation, and other exciting activities to experience like renting a bike to explore the old Seven-Mile Bridge. Marathon is also home to many quiet accommodations.

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6 Bradenton Beach

Located near Sarasota, Bradenton Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches, such as Coquina Beach, for its crystal clear waters, soft sands and azure waters. The area is home to inexpensive hotels and offers some of the best family vacation ideas in Florida. People stroll around the Bradenton Beach City Pier and opt for Paradise Boat Tours to experience excellent cruises in Sarasota Bay, where they spot stingrays and dolphins.

5 St. Augustine

St Augustine offers the best family beach vacations in Florida with the most decent accommodations. With its beautiful stretches of sand, clear waters and historic attractions, one will find the perfect mix of experiences for the perfect vacation. People embark on a catamaran cruise along the coast of St. Augustine to observe a variety of marine life, such as dolphins, sharks and sea turtles, visit the marine aquarium or have fun adventures at the museum of pirates and treasures of St. Augustine. For more exciting and twisted adventures, it is recommended to try the Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tour.

4 New Smyrna Beach

Another famous cheap destination in Florida for a great getaway is New Smyrna Beach, located south of Daytona Beach. This location is ideal for people who prefer a more private vacation on a beautiful beach with fewer crowds and has many condos for rent. People also visit other places in the region, mainly the Smyrna Dunes Park, where they observe birds of different species, walk along the promenades and enjoy the turquoise blue waters on three sides.

3 Clearwater Beach

Blessed with beautiful stretches of sand, Clearwater Beach is an ideal destination for family vacations in Florida. This fantastic beach is very popular among Americans and is on many bucket lists. People ride a catamaran to explore the area and see alligators, stingrays, sharks and sea turtles. Some visit the marine aquarium to see wider species of sea life and end their day in some of the most popular seaside resorts in the region.

2 Entrance Ponce

Ponce Inlet is a quiet Florida vacation spot and is located south of Daytona and north of New Smyrna and is home to a huge population of snowbirds. Beaches, such as the fantastic Apollo Beach, are clean, wide and simple, home to the famous Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, superb accommodation and excellent restaurants. For foodies, it is recommended to try Hatch Seafood Company-style fish camp-style seafood types, overlooking beautiful water views.

1 Tampa

The charming city of Tampa has hosted many celebrities and Hollywood films such as “Goodfellas” and “Great Expectations”, starring Ray Charles and John Cena, and is home to various attractions and plenty of accommodations. In Tampa, people love to visit many sites for families and children, water jets, fountains and many swimming pools. They often visit the Glazer Children’s Museum or Busch Gardens, the African-themed amusement park, and end the day in Ybor City, a dining and nightlife destination. Another star attraction is the Florida Aquarium, where the little ones can make friends with animals like sharks, otters and alligators.

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