The Sims: My Marriage Stories Preview

The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories game pack expands on in-game weddings, adding new events and activities before, during, and after a Sim’s big day.

the Sims: My Marriage Stories the game pack aims to flesh out the way weddings take place in The Sims, as well as the other events that precede it. Screen Rant was able to preview an unfinished version of the pack, which officially releases on February 23. The focus of the development team on My Marriage Stories was about player storytelling, emphasizing authentic events and meaningful diverse choices. This last sims The game pack is one of the most event-driven releases to date, and while the lack of some features is noticeable, the preview gameplay mostly succeeds in facilitating romantic moments.


The Sims: My Marriage Stories The game pack is all about celebrating love and creating romantic stories. Along with a new world, the pack adds a slew of new wedding-related events, including cultural celebrations. All of these events come with new activities, many of which can also be done outside of a wedding. New formal wear and wedding-related items are available, along with the new option to establish a relationship between two Sims as fiancés during CAS.

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At a special press preview event, producers Rebecca Doyle and Morgan Henry alongside art director Cheyenne Kelsey outlined three key gameplay elements for The Sims: Marriage Storys:

  • Find your marital bliss: This pack is intended to be the most romantic yet, with a whole new world centered around the celebration of love. The Mediterranean-inspired world of Tartosa is full of beautiful views and places for lovers to spend romantic moments, as well as several different wedding locations and homes for Sims who wish to reside there permanently.
  • Get ready to party: Now Sims can initiate a myriad of events before saying “yes”. Engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and graduation parties can now take place before the big day. Two new cultural celebration events, Chinese Tea Ceremonies and Indian Pre-Wedding Dance Parties, were also highlighted as part of EA’s ongoing goal to make The Sims 4 more diverse and inclusive. Married Sims can participate in a vow renewal ceremony.
  • Bring your vision to life: Sims can have the wedding of their dreams by shopping at the many stores in Tartosa, where players can purchase bouquets, wedding cakes, and formal wear. Players can set a date with the newly expanded calendar and decide which activities will be included in the wedding.

This pack is one of the few to feature a permanently habitable world as opposed to a temporary vacation destination. Tartosa is a beautiful world with 2 districts, 4 uninhabited residential lots, wedding venues and a town hall for immediate weddings. There are also 5 other locations in the game gallery in different cultural styles. The world also features new lore that can be learned through conversational interactions and exploration.

Shopping for Sims weddings is very similar to shopping in The Sims 4: Living in a Cabin expansion pack – vendors can all be found in the town square of Tartosa and use the same stall-based retail interactions from previous games, with no store interiors to speak of. Players have a large amount of choice when it comes to their wedding bouquet and cake. The flower seller sells both bouquets and individual flowers, and players with the Seasons The expansion pack can create its own flower arrangements for the wedding. The selection of wedding cakes is also quite robust, and there is a large amount of customization that can be done on top of the cake. The bridal clothing store simply opens CAS where new outfits can be picked out, oddly at no cost.

Before and after Sims walk down the aisle, there are plenty of ways for them to celebrate their love. This game pack carries over the holiday calendar introduced in The Sims 4: Seasons and added several new wedding events and activities that players can plan, including walking down the aisle, dancing, cutting cakes, and giving toasts. The weddings themselves are a nice affair that players can further customize through choices other than flowers and cakes. Players can choose Honor Sims, Flower Friend, Officiant, and Ring Bearer to participate in their wedding day and create a dress code for all attendees. A few long-requested features have been added in this game pack: Sims can now slow-dance, and players can seat all guests for the wedding ceremony.

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Players who don’t wish to purchase the pack will still receive some of its features this week with the latest free Sims 4 update. This will add the CAS fiancé option to the base game, as well as several new samples for formal wear existing ones, a French manicure nail polish option, and the ability to decorate Sims with an Indian bindi. The song of My Marriage Stories The trailer will now air on the Romance station on The Sims stereos. All players can now build a new land type: Wedding Halls.

TS4 Wedding Stories rehearsal dinner toast.

While The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories succeeds in many ways, it lacks some features that may disappoint fans. Despite the focus on wedding planning, there are no new marriage-related careers added for Sims to join. There are also no new deaths or Woohoo locations, which are always fun new additions for players. Marriage options such as objection during the ceremony are also absent, which is sure to disappoint players who like to create drama-filled scenarios.

Despite these shortcomings, The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories adds some robust new features to the game as it relates to weddings. While diversity and cultural representation in The Sims 4 still has some way to go, the inclusion of clothing and traditions from other cultures will help more players see themselves and their culture represented in the game. The Sims the franchise is all about players creating their own stories, and The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories adds many new and unique ways for users to create their own stories.

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The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories will be released on February 23 on PC, Mac, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Screen Rant was invited to a special press preview and received an early access game code for the purpose of this preview.

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