The Crucifixion of Christ and Other Easter Stories

The nails were slender iron spikes about 5 to 7 inches long.

Blood of the Lamb

“After crucifying Jesus on the third day, he ascended to Heaven. This is the Resurrection. We all ascend to Heaven after the third day.” Floyd visualizes heaven as a beautiful place where he will see his whole family together. His parents, his wife, the little sister his parents lost when he was little. “But I have no way of knowing. None of us know.

By Mary Lang, William Edwards, Wesley Gabel, Floyd Hosmer, M. Corinne Mackey, Adam ParfreyMarch 28, 1991 Read the full article

They walk through the park toward the senior services center, which houses the shuffleboard court, game room, and dining room.

In sight of the sky

“We came here to visit, my husband and I. On vacation. We arrived here, my husband passed away, I’m still here. We were married for twenty-nine years.” Her voice drops and she sits up in her chair. A smile lifts the corners of her mouth: “I expect to see my husband up there. I plan to.”

By Judith Moore, September 1, 1988 Read full article

Najieb says women have never been “handed over” by the Nation, that “the only place we sit in the back is worship.”

Looking towards Mecca

In 1976, Farrakhan still swore allegiance to Imam Muhammad. He spoke that year in San Diego, at Gompers Junior High School. The essence of his speech was a defense of the necessity of the changes made by Imam Muhammad. Then, in 1977, Farrakhan had his breakthrough. Some members of the San Diego group followed him.

By Judith Moore, June 26, 1986 Read the full article

Hidden backcountry canyons, Ramona, Santee, Escondido, even Oceanside, are said to be riddled with devil-worshipping ritual sites.

Satan Hunters

San Diego has many experts in the field of Satanism who say the county is a hotbed of Satanic activity. Hidden backcountry canyons, Ramona, Santee, Escondido, even Oceanside, are said to be riddled with devil-worshipping ritual sites. But physical evidence of such groups is almost non-existent.

By Mary LangDecember 5, 1991 Read the full article

“Our boys stand out so much. White shirts and dark pants, riding bikes.”

Nobody likes Mormons

Church members in good standing—that is, those who regularly attend services, pay tithes, support the community, and adhere to Mormon restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine—receive a “temple recommend” which allows them to enter the temple where they can be married for eternity.

By Mary Lang, October 31, 1991

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Uriel (Ruth Norman) on a swan boat. Uriel purchased 67 acres of land in Jamul as a landing site for the Interplanetary Confederation.

The gods must be crazy

From an early age, Ruth harbored theatrical ambitions, which might have been inflamed by her apparent blood relationship with famed silent film director King Vidor. Nothing came of this dream until the age of 75, when she began to play ingenuous roles in the improvised and videotaped psychodramas of Unarius.

By Adam Parfrey, June 6, 1991 Read the full article

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