The Biggest Franchise Cast News (Week of June 27)

Read 90 Day Fiancé’s gossip about iconic cast members, including the latest on Winter Everett’s weight loss and an update on Paul Staehle’s son.

Get ready for all 90 day fiance news and updates from the past week, on old and new cast members. Paul Staehle was perhaps the most talked about star last week, due to the disappearance of Paul and Karine Martins’ three-year-old son. Pierre Staehle. Paul denied kidnapping the toddler, but revealed he and Karine lost custody of Pierre and their one-year-old son, Ethan Staehle, after videos of the couple’s allegedly abusive relationship surfaced in line. Paul and Karine were last seen together on TLC in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 5, following their debut in 2017.


Also making headlines were Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya, who squashed divorce rumors by creating a funny video of her pouring him beer in a bikini on the 4th of July. 90 day fiance‘s Hazel Cagalitan admitted that Tarik Myers had never hit her and had never been physically abusive in any other way. Asuelu Pulaa gave a middle finger to a TLC viewer who wondered if he and Kalani were still together. Angela Deem hung out with a mystery man at the pool, while wearing a very revealing bikini.

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Ancient 90 day fiance Star Ashley Martson asked fans to pray for her after her recent breakup with a mysterious boyfriend. Juliana Custodio has revealed her bare baby bump in nude photos, and she’s almost ready to give birth to her first child. Rebecca Parrott returned home to the United States, after her vacation in Tunisia with Zied Hakimi, to find herself alone locked in a strange building. Meanwhile, The Chantel family Actor Winter Everett opened up. Winter showed off photos of herself before and after the weight loss on IG.

Paul Claims He Didn’t Abduct His Missing Son

Paul Staehle Karine Martins His son Pierre disappeared 90 days fiancé before the 90 days

Alumni News 90 day fiance The disappearance of Pierre, the son of couple Paul and Karine, has spread like wildfire, after a screenshot of a bulletin published by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children surfaced in line. The listing said the toddler was last seen on June 8, “perhaps” along with his father. However, Paul said TMZ on Saturday, July 1, that he took Pierre on a long work trip last month and said they were both safe. Paul said that since the beginning of last month he had been traveling back and forth across Pennsylvania and Florida, looking for work. He shared that he brought Pierre with him, as the child suffered from separation anxiety. Reality TV star Paul has opened up about moving back to Louisville with the child. As of today, a TMZ The report says Paul returned to Kentucky with Pierre, who was taken to a foster home (where Ethan is also located) by Child Protective Services.

Rebecca scared after a strange incident

Rebecca Parrott Fillers Plastic Surgery Zied Instagram In 90 Day Fiancé 4

Georgian Rebecca used to be called out for posting selfies with multiple filters on Instagram, but she has stopped doing that now and seems to let her fans know whenever something shocking happens in her life. Last week, Rebecca posted a video about how she was trapped at work, in a building with no access to Wi-Fi or electricity. because the staircase was locked. Rebecca was the only person in the building, other than a security guard on the first floor, whom she could not contact. 90 day fiance Actor Rebecca waited an hour and a half before forcing open a stair gate and navigating the dark staircase with great caution. Then she descended several flights of stairs to finally locate the security guard downstairs.

Revealing weight loss before and after winter

Winter Everett The Family Chantel Sweater Orange CROPPED

Chantel Everett’s younger sister Winter is proud of her fitness journey and she’s showing off her new body in before and after photos on IG. Winter shared a collage of her old and new photos, to show how much her body has changed after losing weight. Winter underwent bariatric surgery to lose weight, after making the decision to transform. When she made this choice, she weighed nearly 300 pounds. The Chantel family the Winter star posted a photo of when she started her “body acceptance journey,“, then added new photos of her in a swimsuit, which flattered the 90 day fiance the celebrity’s curvaceous body.

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Darcey Silva Before After Plastic Surgery Without Instagram Filter In 90 Day Fiance 2

90 Day Fiancé: Darcey’s Unfiltered Photo After Plastic Surgery Revealed

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