Six NYC spots that Fran Drescher likes to visit

We recently met our beloved The nanny star Fran Drescher, who recently told us all about her upcoming The nanny musical and his new picture book with Australian author Rebecca Kelly, N is for nanny.

She’s been super busy, but she also stopped by to give us her favorite places in New York. Drescher primarily lives in California but has a home here in the city, where she was born, and was more than happy to share the places that bring her joy.

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“I love New York!” she tells us. “Everytime Coming to what I affectionately call ‘The Rock’, gotta see at least one show, one art exhibit, one new restaurant and several regular favorites that make me want to come home every time.”

She recently went to see the special and limited series of by Stephen Sondheim In the woods In downtown New-York. “Heather Hedley has it all figured out and directs an outstanding cast of this brilliant metaphor for life through the experiences of fairy tale characters,” she says.

But overall, walking around town always does well for Drescher. “If you’re doing nothing else, walk! And in New York, walking while eating a hot dog, a slice of pizza, a pretzel or a donut is perfectly acceptable.”

Below are six of Fran Drescher’s favorite New York restaurants, museums and places that she recommends:

1. Foregarden

“Peter and I tried a new vegan restaurant (for us) [in the East Village] called Avant Jardin. No, we are not vegan but we love perfectly grown and gloriously prepared vegetables! My vegan cousin Erica said go! So we did and it was great! Everything was so delicious. Pasta, risotto, salad, crostini, sushi, organic wine and yes even the desserts were all fabulous.”

2. Central Park and its restaurants

“For me, the heart of New York is Central Park and I spend as much time there as possible. It’s an oasis in a concrete jungle. A must is to discover its three restaurants. I always enjoy The Terrace at Tavern on the green when they have their live music. It’s like an instant vacation and the food is good. Don’t miss a visit to their gift shop too. It’s a must with lunch on the lake at the Loeb Boathouse …a table at the outside bar but order the main menu and watch the rowboats and all the turtles while sipping a Prosecco!And of course, Le Pain Quotidien on the north side of Sheep Meadow is a stone’s throw from Tavern. bread flute with fruit and nuts, apricot jam and hazelnut spread with a few boiled eggs on a lazy morning or afternoon to admire the incredible New York skyline above of Central Park South as it hovers through towards the horizon of lush green meadow.”

3. Milling room

Another regular for me is The Milling Room on the Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue. Immaculate farm-to-table kitchen in a large dining room with very high ceilings and rustic decor. This is a great casual place for really good healthy food.

4. Don Angie

And what would New York be without dinner at Don Angie’s in the West Village? Oh my, the lemon sliced ​​steak with chrysanthemum salad makes my mouth water just thinking about it!


For a restaurant with a great view, there’s Robert in the Art & Design Bldg on Columbus Circle. I always go there whenever I’m in town! They even added organic chicken to the menu just for me! The lobby level gift shop is the best. [The Museum of Arts & Design] is always special and the restaurant is beautiful with decor inspired by contemporary art, live music, unparalleled views, cheap and delicious!

6. TEFAF Art Show and these great art museums

Last but not least, I have to see art! TEFAF [was] in the city. The Brooklyn Museum has “Monet to Morisot”, but I think in light of the fact that some factions think it’s okay to legislate over a woman’s body, I’ll go to MOMA to see his photography exhibit by women and about women [“Our Selves: Photographs by Women Artists from Helen Kornblum”]!

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