Shrines in Gujarat to be freed of beggars

Ahmedabad, May 21 (IANS): The Gujarat government has decided to make religious and pilgrimage destinations in the state free for which it has launched a project, officials said on Friday.

This project will be implemented in all religious tourist places in the coming days so that no beggar can be seen in all religious tourist places in Gujarat.

Instructions on this will probably be provided next month at a meeting.

The state government has chosen the city of Rajpipla as a pilot project. Those involved in begging were moved to “Ren Basera”.

In total, more than 176 people were counseled under the pilot project in Rajpipla. Currently, a total of 136 people are enjoying these benefits.

The beggar advice had started in December 2021. However, around 50 beggars also left Ren Basera and started begging again.

All beggars brought to Ren Basera would be assigned a job based on their skills and abilities. They would also receive appropriate compensation.

Speaking about the scheme, Minister of Tourism and Pilgrimage, Purnesh Modi said that an investigation was being carried out by more than 10 Gujarat government agencies.

Officials said the government is working to empower all beggars through this project.

It was decided to provide a total of 35 different types of benefits to beneficiaries including food, clothing, Covid vaccine in the first phase.

In the second phase, the beneficiaries will receive 13 benefits such as proof of income, caste certificate, name on the electoral list, etc., while in the final phase, i.e. the third phase , it was planned to provide 13 other benefits, including toilets, job orientation. training, housing, etc.

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