Seafair launches first digital platform for end-to-end crew management

TECH start-up Seafair officially launched its Crew Management Platform in June, a user-friendly, cloud-based software product that aims to radically transform the experience of those involved in maritime crewing.

This was announced recently by Agapitos Diakogiannis, CEO of Seafair, in a press release in which he also highlighted the irreversible impact of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine on maritime crews.

He said: “Even best-in-class ship managers with optimized processes face the threat of deteriorating crew retention.

Crew services are in permanent crisis management mode and therefore cannot reinforce planning and improve processes, at a time when these are most needed.

He said while all companies have been affected, the toll is significantly higher for all companies that lack the scale to invest in their tools, such as an app for seafarers or a data management system. .

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Too much effort goes into recruiting sailors and crew changes, topics that used to be hot priorities. Compliance, for example, can now fall through the cracks, increasing the risk of incidents during inspections and remarks (even blacklisting) in charterer audits.

Unlike other crew ERP vendors that serve as passive data repositories, Seafair’s crew management platform enables crew departments to collaborate directly with internal partners (e.g. sailors on board, technical, accounting) and external (e.g. crew agents, port agents, sailors on vacation) in one place.

This is the first time that shipping companies of all sizes can offer their own personalized app to their sailors to help them track their documents, payroll and automated notifications. The platform enables crew managers and operators to automatically provide the most relevant data whenever they need to make a decision, such as managing queues, aggregating interview results, and scheduling crew changes.

At the same time, all non-value-added activities, like data entry, are automated to free up time for what matters most. The platform is backed by a state-of-the-art data infrastructure that automatically flags potential non-compliances and presents the data in whatever form senior management, employees, or auditors may wish to see.

In addition to its innovative crew features, the platform offers enhanced versions of features that already exist in the market, such as MGA and rest hours. Vessel managers use Seafair’s crew management platform to:

– Engage directly with seafarers to improve seafarer retention and satisfaction and accelerate their development

– Collaborate seamlessly with external vendors to minimize emergencies and hidden staff costs

– Structure data to generate insights, achieve operational excellence and pass audits/inspections.

Diakogiannis said, “We have seen shipping giants managing over 300 vessels create a competitive advantage over their competitors using their proprietary technology. We are proud to serve shipping companies who may not have the scale to build their tools, but love shipping and crew. . Global commerce relies on these great companies and we are delighted to help them compete in these demanding market conditions. »

Seafair is a technology startup offering maritime crewing software and digital staffing services through its own licensed agencies in Eastern Europe and the Philippines. Since its launch in 2020, it has raised $7 million and was voted Big Data Company of the Year by Lloyd’s List in 2021. Seafair has offices in New York, Athens, Berlin, Manila and Odessa.

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