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WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) – School is now out for the summer, and for many families that could mean summer getaways.

Whether it’s a multi-day or multi-week trip, making the right choices can keep your belongings safe and out of reach of intruders because burglary doesn’t have an off-season.

“Obviously more people are walking the streets now that the weather is warmer and it’s not minus 25 degrees like we did in January, but I would be aware of that all year round” said Brady Copas, an officer with the Wausau Police Department.

Much of what the police recommend can be done in advance, like asking a neighbor to pick up the mail or turn on a light. It also means putting away the things you don’t want stolen.

“It uses the tools you already came with your house,” Copas said.

There are also forms of modern technology that can be used, such as a doorbell camera or smart home devices, which you’ll want to make sure are charged and working before you leave.

“If you should receive a notification that you have an unwanted visitor, you can definitely call us and we can come and check the area,” Copas said.

Plus, keeping your lawn mowed gives the illusion that someone is home, and keeping your hedges neatly trimmed gives intruders fewer places to hide.

“If you have overgrown bushes and things like that, it’ll be an easy place for someone to hide if it wraps around your house, versus if it’s well maintained you’ll have a good level of natural monitoring,” Copas said.

If you leave a car behind, leave it in a locked garage or lock the car and take out all valuables.

Above all, make sure that the doors and windows of your house are locked before you go on vacation.

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