Police identify 16 new parking spaces in Dehradun, to promote carpooling | Dehradun News

Dehradun: To ease traffic congestion in Dehradun, the police have identified 16 new parking spaces in the city and also decided to encourage carpooling among residents.
Following a meeting of senior officers from the State Police and Dehradun District Police Unit held on Tuesday, Chief Police Officer (DGP) Ashok Kumar said: “At least 16 new parking spaces have been identified in the capital. Construction of the proposed parking lots will commence after discussions have been held with relevant government departments. We will provide all necessary parking facilities at these locations.
The officer added: “To reduce the volume of traffic in the city and control air contamination from vehicle pollution, the police will also launch a campaign to encourage carpooling among the public.” Janmejaya Khanduri will carry out extensive social media campaigns to promote carpooling.”
Significantly, the police have also identified 20 bottleneck points in Dehradun to ensure better traffic management and avoid traffic jams. “Sub-Inspectors would be deployed at major bottleneck points while Constables at smaller bottleneck points. Additionally, encroachments will be removed from all city pathways and sidewalks,” added DGP Kumar.
The issue of illegal roadside parking in areas such as Subhash Road, Rajpur Road and EC Road was also discussed during the meeting.
Meanwhile, the police also decided to deploy additional traffic personnel to the tourist towns of Mussoorie and Rishikesh in preparation for the upcoming Char Dham Yatra and summer tourist season. “To ensure the smooth flow of vehicles, a traffic inspector would be deployed in Rishikesh while a sub-inspector would be stationed in Mussoorie. In Dehradun, more sub-inspectors would be deployed after proper training to handle traffic more efficiently “, Kumar said. .
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