Plan a fall vacation to these top spots

From beautiful parks covered in autumn colors to an incredible food scene and autumn festivals and events, there’s every reason to explore Manchester in autumn. The long summer nights may be over, but fall brings endless fun activities for all to enjoy. Whether travelers are planning to extend their summer holidays or are simply looking to get out and have some great adventures, Manchester will never disappoint. Here are the best places to explore in the city in autumn.

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ten Alexandra Park, Oldham

Alexandra is one of the most impressive places to visit in Manchester in autumn, thanks to the changing colors of the leaves in gorgeous reds and oranges. There are beautifully upright trees at the water’s edge, placing an impressive reflection of the breathtaking landscape. Built in the 1800s, this park is one of the most photo-worthy autumn destinations in Manchester. Home to beautiful woods, a boating lake, a spectacular children’s playground and tennis courts, this location makes a perfect getaway for the whole family.

9 Heaton Park, Prestwich

Covering over 600 acres of space, Heaton Park is Manchester’s largest park and one of the prettiest places to visit in autumn. Europe’s largest city park has ample space for autumn walks with incredible surrounding colors, creating several photo opportunities for vacationers. There is an animal farm in the park, where tourists can spot wild animals. Several playgrounds and woodlands are spread throughout the park to explore. Vacationers can also take a look at the beautiful Heaton Park Hall located in the heart of the park.

  • Parking fees:
    $1.11 for one to three hours

8 Whitworth Park, Manchester

Minutes from Manchester city center is the beautiful Whitworth Park, offering spectacular autumnal scenery with tall trees as old as 126 years old. More than 15 species of birds thrive on this land. Woodpeckers and nuthatches are among the species that travelers can observe when exploring the park. With picture-perfect trees with colorful fall leaves lining the park’s walkways, this place is a must-visit in the fall. Additionally, it is home to the Whitworth Gallery, which has over 55,000 works of art.

seven Worsley Village, Salford

Worley Village is a charming little village with incredibly scenic roads that are worth exploring for its brilliant fall colors. Covering 74 acres, this beautiful woodland is home to magnificent wildflowers and wildlife. Holidaymakers will find several paths in the forest to stroll while admiring the breathtaking autumnal landscape of the surroundings. Some trails will take tourists straight into thicker woods where great adventures await.

6 The town hall

An autumn holiday wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Manchester’s Grand Town Hall. The Town Hall is one of the most iconic attractions, located in Albert Square, right in the heart of the city. Built in 1868, vacationers are free to explore the ground floor of Hall. The building’s central location makes it an incredible gateway to the city, and it’s always easy to leave the building when you plan to explore areas within the city limits.

5 Albert Square for Manchester Oktoberfest

Manchester’s Oktoberfest celebration is one of the biggest in the country, and Albert Square is the city’s hotspot for the occasion. The festival features live music, a fantastic food scene and plenty of drinks to match. This festival is a must for any food lover and beer lover. There is a family event held on Sundays where children are allowed to join. It’s important to dress up for the party, maybe rent a German costume.

4 Lyme Park

Covering 1,400 acres, Lyme Park is an adorable estate on the edge of the Peak District. The park is one of the best places to visit for autumn views in Manchester. Along the walkways, travelers will spot magnificent red and fallow deer roaming through spectacular scenery. There are lots of beautiful gardens, woodlands and more to explore here. Lyme Park is known to have once been the home of the Legh family, credited with serving as soldiers in Britain’s history.

  • Admission fee:
    $6.64 for adults, $3.32 for children

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3 Edge of Alderley, Cheshire

Alderley Edge has gorgeous woodlands with beautiful trees screaming in brilliant colors in the fall. This makes for a great autumnal landscape that travelers shouldn’t miss on their Manchester vacation. A visit to the Alderley would be most beautiful, not only for the endless leaf-viewing opportunities it offers, but also for its dramatic escarpment towards the very edge, providing unparalleled views of the whole of Greater Manchester.

2 Platt Fields Park, Rusholme

Tucked away just off Wilmslow Road, Platt Fields Park offers plenty of fall activities for the whole family. Vacationers will encounter a duck pond and a recreational lake in the middle of the park. Covering 90 acres, Platt Fields Park also includes beautiful woods with beautiful trails perfect for walking between the trees. Visitors can take the kids into the woods for beautiful fall views and have picnics in the open spaces.

1 Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve, Chorlton

In this magnificent 58-acre reserve, vacationers will find an incredible mix of woods and meadows. The reserve is one of the designated sites of biological significance and is definitely worth a visit, thanks to the wonderful fall colors in the woods. Tourists can take the many paths lined with different species of plants. There are beautiful fields and lakes hidden in the reserve which holidaymakers will discover while admiring the spectacular scenery.

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