People Keep Mispronouncing These 10 Toronto Spots And Here’s How To Say Them Like A Pro

Sometimes when you arrive in a new city you just have to guess when it comes to pronouncing the names of certain places, and even the locals are not immune to messing up the pronunciation of a name. street or two.

Toronto is full of names that can be difficult to pronounce, and Preply, a language-learning platform, has ranked the 10 worst-pronounced places in the 6ix by difficulty.

“There’s nothing more embarrassing than arriving in a new town and mispronouncing its name in front of a local – especially if you’re slaughtering the regional accent,” said Amy Pritchett, head of success at the learning at Preply. “To avoid this awkward encounter, we’ve researched the most commonly mispronounced places in Toronto so you never have to worry about those tongue twisters again.”

Preply created the list by comparing Google search data on the correct pronunciation of neighborhoods, streets and places in Toronto. So whether you’re a local or new to the city, you’ll never be caught pronouncing “Roncesvalles” wrongly again.

“I encourage you to sound like a native — or at least a savvy tourist — when you learn to pronounce these place names correctly,” Pritchett said.

Here are the 10 most mispronounced places in Toronto and how to actually say them, according to Preply.

  1. Toronto: Correct: “tuh-ronno”. Toe-ron-toe incorrect.
  2. Geoffrey: Correct: “without jeh”. Wrong:
  3. Etobicoke: Correct: “et-toh-bee-co”. Incorrect: “et-a-ba-co-key”.
  4. Yonge: Correct: “young”. Incorrect: “YUN-ji”.
  5. Wellesley: Correct: “WELLZ-ly.” Incorrect: “well-LESS-ly”.
  6. Grosvenor: Correct: “gro-vner”. Incorrect: “big-vee-nor”.
  7. L’Esplanade: Correct: “thuh esplan-aad”. Incorrect: “thuh esplan-AID”
  8. Strachan: Correct: “scattered”. Incorrect: “strak-fr”
  9. Spadina: Correct: “spuh-dee-nah”. Incorrect: “puh-die-nah”.
  10. Roncesvalles: Correct: “rawn-SES-vay-yez”. Incorrect: “rawn-SEZ-vales”.

If you walked around saying the second “T” in “Toronto,” now you know better, and you can officially speak like a local.

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