Outdoor Stories on the Monroe County Trail

Barrett Paradise Friendly Library has launched its new “Tale on the Trail” program.

CRESCO, PA — If you decide to hike the Barrett Township Community Park Trail in Ice Lake, a story now accompanies your visit.

The Barrett Paradise Friendly Library has launched its new “Tale on the Trail” program.

“During the pandemic we had to close, and a lot of our programming was either virtual or outside, so that was something that was offered, I think a librarian in Vermont did it We kind of jumped on board and said, “Hey, we have to be outside. Might as well be outside reading and having fun together,” said Chelsea Corso, children’s librarian at Barrett Paradise Friendly Library.

Corso pushed for outdoor reading adventure.

Currently the featured book is “Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here” by local author Lindsey Barrett George.

“It’s about 12th to 10th of a mile to the end of the trail and back. It’s rocky, but really good for a stroller. Young kids might need a little help walking, but it’s quite flat,” Corso said.

Librarians tested the idea during the COVID-19 pandemic. It worked so well that they decided to make it a permanent part of the park.

“It can teach kids a lot, but appreciating what’s going on around them and living in the moment and enjoying the trial while they’re on the track is our main focus,” said Corso. “Just ask everyone to slow down, take some time to read a book, and walk together.

A family from Staten Island was on vacation, walking through the park.

“They’ll know what’s in the wildlife they’re walking through at the time. Like, they’ll know, let’s just say the tadpoles are in the pond they’re looking at right there, and it’ll be like educational” , said Harrison Franzen.

“They might like to know more about the environment, and that can help them become maybe a scientist of something,” Emerson Franzen said.

The library hopes to regularly update and feature new books on the trail at Ice Lake.

Did you know that our “Tale on the Trail” program now has permanent stations in the Barrett Township Community Park in…

Posted by Barrett Paradise Friendly Library on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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