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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) — It’s felt like summer the past few days and folks in Mid-Michigan are already looking ahead to the summer travel season. But the state is seeing an increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

Doctor Bobby Mukkamala has been tracking cases during this pandemic. He said the state was much safer for travelers than it was when it started.

But he also said it was up to everyone to make it so.

Just one county in Michigan last week had high levels of COVID, now there are 16. And all but three are experiencing high community transmission.

These counties are mostly concentrated in the southeastern area of ​​the state, which is Michigan’s main population center.

But another group is found in the lower peninsula in the north and the upper peninsula in the east, favorable to tourists.

Dr Bobby Mukkamala said that doesn’t mean you have to change your vacation.

He recommends getting tested for COVID-19 before you go away on the weekend, either through a self-test or a clinic, especially if you have symptoms.

“If your test is positive, don’t blow it up. Quarantine it for five days like we talked about. If you have symptoms, quarantine it for longer,” he said.

Even if someone tests positive, but is asymptomatic, he says they can still take a little getaway if they can afford to be on their own.

“It all depends on what you do when you get there, right? I know people who go to their homes up north and then they stay there. They don’t go out and they’re not exposed to people,” Mukkamala explained. .

And if anyone wants to meet his family, he said they should all check everyone’s health.

“If you go to see someone who is visibly sick, don’t assume they have a cold and hang around anyway. Keep your distance and wear a mask,” he said.

Information on COVID rates and is available on the Michigan and CDC websites.

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