Olivia Rodrigo’s lyrics ‘Sour’ for Instagram captions: best verses

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album is here, which also means we just got a whole bunch of lyrics from SOUR for Instagram captions. At 18, the former Disney Channel proves she’s more than just a marvel after the viral success of her 2021 single, “Driver’s License.” His words about SOUR range from issues of empowerment to doubting anyone who has already been a teenager (or, TBH, struggling 20s) can relate to.

The Lycée Musical: The Musical: The Series star’s first studio album, SOUR, released on Friday, May 21, and was praised by fans and music critics alike. Aside from the many fan theories surrounding the album (like, if songs like “Deja Vu” and “drivers license” are about her ex and HSM: TM: TS co-starring Joshua Bassett), there’s one driving theme on the record that unites listeners around the world: Angst. Yes, this album oozes teenage angst and heartbreak in ways we all needed to hear, all in an effort to remind us that maybe we haven’t given up on ours.

As many fans have pointed out on social media, Olivia has apparently given us a soundtrack that feels right at home both during our Millennial AIM or Gen-Z TikTok days. But no matter where you are in this timeline, one thing is clear at this point: We’re all on Instagram. So, without further ado, keep reading some of Olivia Rodrigo’s best lyrics SOUR to use as Instagram captions below.

Geffen Records.

Cause when you feel

“I hope I was your favorite crime.” – “favorite crime”

“Happier, prettier, jealousy, jealousy.” – ‘jealousy, jealousy’

“Their victory is not my defeat.” – ‘jealousy, jealousy’

“Do you love me, do you want me, do you hate me?” – ‘1 step forward, 3 step back’

For when you need to shade your ex

“I hope you are happy, but don’t be happier.” – ‘happier’

“Remember when you said you wanted to give me the world?” “- ‘good 4 u’

“You’re doing fine without me, baby, like a goddamn sociopath.” – ‘good 4 u’

“Feel sorry for yourself. “- ‘enough for you’

“I made the jokes you tell her when she’s with you.” – ‘already seen’

“She thinks it’s special, but everything is reused.” – ‘already seen’

“I crossed my heart as you crossed the line – ‘favorite crime’

“I’m the love of your life until I drive you crazy.” – ‘1 step forward, 3 step back’

For when you feel a little bit emo

“If someone says to me once more ‘Enjoy your youth’, I will cry.” – ‘brutal’

“Where’s my fucking teenage dream?” “- ‘brutal’

“It’s brutal here.” – ‘brutal’

“Little me stupid, emotional and obsessive. “- ‘enough for you’

“Nothing is forever, nothing is as good as it looks.” – “I hope you are well”

“It’s always one step forward and three steps back.” – ‘1 step forward, 3 step back’

For your next selfie

“I’m not all cool vintage clothes and vacation photos.” – ‘jealously, jealousy’

“I have a pretty face, a pretty boyfriend too.” – ‘jealousy, jealousy’

“Guilty brown eyes and little white lies.” “- ‘traitor’

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