Official says tourist police play vital role in KP scenic spots

PESHAWAR: The Tourist Police plays a pivotal role in providing facilities to tourists and quickly solving their problems in case of an emergency in the scenic spots of the province.

The Director General of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority (KPCTA) Abid Khan Wazir said during a speech at a reception at the Peshawar Sports Complex here on Thursday.

Tourism Police Commander Gul Said Afridi, Deputy Commander Shaukat Ali, Planning and Marketing Director Hayat Ali Shah, Tourism Police Deputy Director Muhammad Yasir, Tourism Police officers and others were also present.

On this occasion, uniform, kits, shoes and other necessary equipment were distributed to the tourist police officers, who will now undergo a three-month training at the Swat police training center, starting from September 20.

The CEO of KPCTA said that the Tourism Police has performed exceptionally well beyond our expectations, which will boost tourism in the province.

“Tourist police personnel returned valuable property, including jewellery, mobile phones and money lost by tourists, to the owners, and demonstrated exemplary skills during emergency rescue activities in the area. picturesque places,” Abid Khan Wazir said, adding that tourism officers rescued elderly tourists, women and children and informed relevant departments in time.

Commander Gul Said Afridi said the tourism cops had set a good example of dedication and devotion to their duty in a short period of time and tourists and the general public had always appreciated their performance.

He said the training was essential for tourism cops to better manage the situation in case of an emergency at tourist sites.

He said the cops would be given skills in conducting investigations, crowd control, washing and warfare, telecommunications, hospitality and the tourism industry.

The official said the KPCTA would bear the cost of three months of training and mess for the cops so that they cannot be overburdened during this period.

Later, DG Abid Khan Wazir and Commander Gul Said Afridi decorated insignia and badges on the shoulders of Deputy Commander Shaukat Ali upon his promotion.

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