NetSuite offers a workforce management solution to help organizations increase efficiency and employee engagement

New Solution Streamlines Shift Scheduling, Automates Salary Calculations and Simplifies Workforce Time and Attendance Tracking

LA VEGAS, September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SUITEWORLD 2022 — To help organizations optimize their staffing needs, Oracle Net Suite today announced NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management. SuitePeople Workforce Management helps organizations manage labor costs and profitability. The solution improves employee engagement by automating routine tasks such as staff scheduling, tracking employee hours, and calculating salaries. It also provides unique workforce planning recommendations to help organizations optimize their business goals.

“In a tight labor market, organizations need to improve their workforce management to be competitive,” said Evan Goldberg, Founder and EVP, Oracle NetSuite. “With SuitePeople Workforce Management, organizations can quickly adjust staffing to adapt to changing business conditions. They can also ensure that they are paying their employees correctly and meeting compliance requirements. This addition to SuitePeople reinforces our commitment to helping our clients increase employee engagement, which in turn positively impacts the bottom line.”

SuitePeople Workforce Management helps organizations balance labor needs and profitability by providing financial and operational management with insights into sales metrics, production goals, and labor costs. It supports employee engagement by allowing employees to view their schedules, clock in shifts, and request shift changes directly from their mobile device.

“Urban Legacy offers strong, premium open shelving in reclaimed and new wood that makes a difference in the way people live and work. As our business has grown, it has become essential to automate staffing processes to meet growing demand,” said Kristi Miller, Product and Platform Director, Urban Legacy. “With SuitePeople Workforce Management, shift scheduling and employee time tracking are more efficient than ever. I perform all approvals directly in NetSuite and create a payroll batch with one click. This allows Urban Legacy plan intelligently and change operations quickly.

SuitePeople Workforce Management helps organizations ensure accurate and up-to-date financials by integrating shift forecasting, payroll, and scheduling with employee attendance, payroll, and financial systems. Payroll SuitePeople Transparently processes approved hours for payroll runs and automatically posts them to the general ledger. This simplifies the end-to-end workforce management process and increases accuracy. It also helps managers make more informed decisions by providing real-time access to sales and workforce data. With SuitePeople Workforce Management, organizations can improve:

  • Planning: A visual crew scheduling tool eliminates the use of stand-alone scheduling apps or spreadsheets. It also allows teams to use a combination of forecasting, scheduling models, labor costs, and labor deployment models to create a staffing plan. This allows organizations to more accurately forecast staffing to ensure they are properly staffed to meet demand.
  • Attendance tracking: SuitePeople Time Clock provides employees with flexible mobile tools to record time and attendance. It also offers photo capture and biometric fingerprint verification options that eliminate the risk of employees logging in and out of work on behalf of other employees. By combining the digital clock with a scheduling solution, SuitePeople Time Clock eliminates the need to manually calculate times. It also increases the accuracy and efficiency of time collection and payroll processing.
  • Salary calculations: A pay rules engine automates the calculation of regular hours, overtime, and paid time off to help organizations minimize the risk of non-compliance. It reduces payroll errors and eliminates the need for manual reconciliations, as approved hours seamlessly flow from SuitePeople Workforce Management to SuitePeople Payroll for processing.
  • Labor and operational measures: A real-time dashboard lets managers get insights into day-to-day operational metrics, including sales, salaries, and forecasts, and compare them to actuals. This visibility helps managers make data-driven decisions about labor costs and profitability.
  • Commitment: A mobile app helps employees track time, fill, trade, delete shifts, and chat with managers. It also makes it easier for managers to take action if an employee hasn’t clocked in or clocked out of scheduled shifts. Through these interactions, the mobile app helps increase the engagement and productivity of managers and employees.

Workforce management is part of NetSuite SuitePeople, a human capital management solution that integrates people data into NetSuite to help break down barriers between departments. This improves communications for faster and safer workforce planning and decision making. SuitePeople allows employees to request time off, access employee directories, use org charts, monitor upcoming vacation schedules, and recognize team members for hard work. SuitePeople also enables managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, onboarding, promotions, and compensation changes, all from a single solution. SuitePeople US Payroll provides a full-service solution, automating payroll processes and seamlessly connecting payroll to NetSuite finances.


NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management will be available in United States, Canada, Australiaand New Zealand beginning of 2023. NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management will be available in UK and Ireland in the summer of 2023.

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