Monsoon Update: 5 Indian Vacation Spots You Shouldn’t Travel To During This Season

With scorching heat and a humid atmosphere, India is among the most tropical countries in the world. Therefore, we all look forward to the monsoon season so that we can travel with a sigh of relief. Although escaping to lush hotspots during the monsoon is highly anticipated, places with heavy downpours, landslides, waterlogging, and extreme flooding should be avoided to protect yourself from any kind of chaos. Here we bring you a list of 5 places where you should avoid traveling during the rains as they become extremely dangerous during this season.

  1. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the most popular vacation spots. No matter how calming its edges and how refreshing this place is, various parts of Uttarakhand still remain under red alert during the rains. The state is on the list of worst affected areas by floods and landslides, floods and waterspouts are quite common in this place.

  1. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, a picturesque town in Meghalaya, is known as the wettest place in India as this place witnesses rains almost every other day. This cloudy abode of India will captivate tourists with its forests, natural caves and a thriving array of flora and fauna. But say a big no to this place during monsoon because the intensity and frequency of rain falling increases during monsoon which can make the roads and places chaotic and hassle.

  1. Kerala

Blessed with magnificent backwaters, unparalleled natural beauty and varied sacred temples, Kerala is a popular Indian vacation spot. But Kerala during monsoon is a big no-no as the place suffers heavy rains and floods almost every monsoon. Moreover, sometimes the condition worsens and the roads are blocked and even make walking extremely difficult.


  1. Sikkim

Although the beauty of Sikkim captivates everyone, visiting this place during the monsoon comes with its own struggle. This northeastern state suffers from terrible roads, water scarcity and landslides like any other mountain range and hence it is best to strike this place off your vacation list.

  1. Darjeeling

Well, who doesn’t adore the beauty of Darjeeling? Almost everybody! But during the rainy season, the place experiences severe blockages which definitely hamper your enjoyment. Heavy traffic, landslides, blocked roads and foggy weather are enough to knock this place off your vacation list.


They say prevention is better than cure! Check out these places mentioned above during the rainy season for a great vacation.

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