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MADIKERI: Zaru Ganapathi, President of Sai Shankar Institution, Ponnampet, on Thursday refuted reports that the controversial Bajrang Dal firearms training camp was held on school premises. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, he said Bajrang Dal’s Shaurya Prashikshana Varga event was held on the school premises, but the weapons training was held outside.

He said the school premises have been hosting various events from several organizations during the holidays for many years now.

“Similarly, the Bajrang Dal event was held this time. However, the school is defamed due to political gains. The allegations against the school are baseless and I can bring those who make these allegations to the place even where the training took place, which is outside the school grounds,” he said.

He said the school management has always tried to establish a friendly atmosphere with students from all communities. “No students or staff from the institution participated in the Bajrang Dal event. The institution extended education to 140 flood-affected students in 2018. People who raised allegations against the institution need to rethink,” he said.

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