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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – A troop of fat and hungry squirrels put the kibosh on the Christmas lights display of a park in downtown St. Paul.

Friends of Mears Park had to forgo the usual display this year because the squirrels chewed on the threads of the lights last year and the seller refused to bear the headache and costs again this year, a reported Tuesday the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

It turns out the wires were coated with polylactic acid, a derivative of corn sugar, an appealing appetizer for squirrels spoiled by park visitors who keep feeding them, said Ann LaBore, group co-chair. friends.

“They are trying to guide them in the park,” she said. “A guy was trying to get one to jump on him. It’s a bit disturbing.

Instead of the traditional display, the group of friends use a spotlight to create a kaleidoscope of snowflakes and basic lights that bathe the trees in green and blue. LaBore said she had received complaints that the display was far too anemic this year.

Blame the “arboreal rats,” La Bore said.

“People are looking down from their condo or apartment and they want to see the twinkling lights,” she said. “Well, we can’t have twinkling lights. It was probably that or nothing.

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Dec. 21 (UPI) – A San Francisco woman who posted a single bobby pin on Craigslist in May 2020 said it took her 28 trades and about a year and a half to exchange it for a house in the Tennessee.

Demi Skipper, 30, who chronicled her “Trade Me Project” on TikTok, said she was inspired by Kyle McDonald, who performed a similar project in 2006 that started with a red paperclip and s’ is finished with a house.

Skipper said some of her supporters started to lose confidence when she traded three tractors for a Chipotle Celebrity Card, which entitles the chain to free food, but later managed to swap the card for a trailer. solar powered $ 40,000, which was the item she traded for the Montgomery County house, Tenn.

“It was so surreal,” Skipper told NBC News. “Working for something every day for over a year and a half, and now I wake up and I’m like, ‘Is this really real? Is this really my home?'”

Skipper said she and her husband are planning to move to Tennessee in January to renovate their new home.

She said her trading days weren’t over – she was planning on doing the same project again.

“I want to donate the next house I exchange to someone who needs it, no mortgage, no rental,” she said. “There have been a few people who have done this once, but no one is crazy enough to do it twice.”

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December 21 (UPI) – A man’s message from Northern Ireland in a bottle was found almost 23 years later after traveling just about 18 miles.

Stephen Caulfield, 44, said he was single and living in Rostrevor when he wrote the following message: “I am 22 years old. Please email me if you are a girl. Thank you!”

Caulfield said he bottled the message and threw it in Carlingford Lough on January 5, 1999.

“It was done just to see how far it would go (it was a bit ironic),” Caulfield wrote in a message to the Belfast Telegraph. “I had already started one when I was a teenager.”

Caulfield said he forgot the post by the time photos of his letter started circulating on social media. His bottle was found last week on the shore of Dundrum, about 18 miles from where he had thrown it into the water.

Caulfield said he “hoped the bottle would go a little further,” but he doesn’t mind that this never got her on a date with him – he is now married and a father of three.

“My wife and kids are laughing about it. My daughter said I’m viral. I picked up my boy from school training this morning, and as I did, the vice-principal said, ‘There is a message in a bottle ‘”he said.

Caulfield said on Twitter that the response to the bottle’s discovery has been overwhelmingly positive, and he was happy to be on the verge of giving people “something different to talk about other than COVID.”

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Dec. 21 (UPI) – Massachusetts wildlife officials have confirmed that a Steller’s sea eagle, a species native to Asia, was first sighted in the state.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife said Steller’s Sea Eagle was first sighted last week along the Taunton River in Massachusetts.

Bird watchers have since flocked to the area to spot a sea eagle, which experts say can grow up to 20 pounds with a wingspan of up to 8 feet.

Officials said they had no idea how the bird, native to Asia, became wild in Massachusetts.

“We’ve never had one here in this part of the world: the northeast coast of North America or Massachusetts,” Massachusetts state ornithologist Andrew Vitz told the Boston Globe. “It’s like the bird of the decade for the people here.”

The Fisheries and Wildlife Division said the eagle would be the same bird spotted over the past year in places such as Alaska, Canada and Texas.

The first sighting was in August 2020 along the Denali Highway in Alaska. Experts said the bird may have ended up in Alaska after being deflected by inclement weather.

“It’s like an avian soap opera,” avian vagrancy expert Alexander Lees told The New York Times in November. “We all root it. Will he come to us? Or is he doomed to never see another species in his lifetime? “

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – A bronze goose statue stolen from a St. Paul’s park has reappeared – from a recycling center.

The statue was reported stolen from its pedestal in a fountain in Cochran Park on Sunday, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. It is not known when it was deleted.

The statue reappeared at a St. Paul’s metal recycling center on Monday and handed over to city staff. The base had suffered minor damage but the statue itself was unharmed. An investigation is underway.

The goose stands 28 inches tall with a 19 inch wingspan. It is one of the four goose statues in the fountain. They ring a sculpture titled “Indian Hunter and His Dog”, created by Paul Manship in 1926. The geese were installed around this statue in 1927.

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(CTV News) A five-year-old boy from Central Frontenac, north of Kingston, Ont., Just wanted to buy a new toy for his sister. Problem is, he took the family car to do it.

The Ontario Provincial Police said they received a call about a suspicious vehicle at around 7.20 a.m. Monday from a neighbor. The vehicle had come to a stop in a hay field.

When the police arrived they found the very young driver, who said he wanted to go to the store and buy a pink toy tractor for his little sister.

The child was not injured and the car suffered only minor damage. Police confirmed that the parents were not facing any charges.

The police message is to know the whereabouts of the children and to make sure that the car keys are kept out of the reach of children.

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Dec. 21 (UPI) – A woman from Florida said she was cleaning a backpack when she found a forgotten Powerball ticket she bought months earlier in Maryland, and it turned out it was a winner of $ 50,000.

The 32-year-old Neapolitan woman told Maryland Lottery officials she visited family in Maryland during the summer when she purchased a ticket to the June 26 Powerball draw at Texas Ribs & BBQ in Clinton.

The note ended up in the woman’s backpack, where it was forgotten for several months. The woman said she was cleaning the bag late at night recently when she came across the ticket and decided to check if it was a winner.

The player used the Maryland Lottery app to scan the ticket and said she scanned it four or five times because she didn’t think it was worth $ 50,000.

“It can’t be real,” recalls the winner.

The woman said the prize money would be used to plan a family vacation and boost her savings account.

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Dec. 21 (UPI) – A Texas resident shared security camera footage identifying the thief who stole a 10-pound bundle from his porch – a neighborhood dog.

Willy Mills, of Lubbock, posted a video on Nextdoor showing the “doggie pirate” struggling to carry the heavy box, which Mills said contained Milk Bone dog treats.

The post said the dog took only the box of Milk Bone, leaving several other packages behind.

A commentator on the post, Bekah Elder, identified the dog in the video as her husky, named Kit-Kat. She wrote that Kit-Kat had escaped from her fenced yard about 1/4 mile from Mills’ house.

Elder said Kit-Kat was found later that day, but she had no idea the dog had started doing anything stupid until she saw the video.

“She showed no sign of having eaten anything and happily ate her dinner that night. I had an idea of ​​the theft until I saw the video,” Elder wrote.

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NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, PA – Police are looking for the person who stole a unique fish-shaped mailbox valued at $ 250.

Authorities say the theft occurred on the night of December 11-11. 12 on the 1200 block of Seidersville Road.

Anyone with information or who may have witnessed anything is urged to contact the police at 610-759-2200 or submit an anonymous report through our Crimewatch report line.

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Dec. 21 (UPI) – Authorities in North Carolina said a deer was released with a “severe warning” after breaking into a county courthouse and fighting with lawmakers.

The Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that a deer broke into the Transylvania County courthouse smashing a glass door.

“The suspect was apprehended without the deputies or the suspect being injured,” the post said.

The post included photos of MPs holding the deer after a brief “struggle”.

“The presiding judge released the suspect on his own accord with a stern warning,” the post said.

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