Jimmy Fallon asked people to share funny stories about their dad

There are many traditional building blocks of fatherhood – love, support, protection, security, to give an example – but there is, of course, that other not-so-warm and fuzzy feeling that fathers can induce in their children at any time. …pure, utter embarrassment.

Usually in a dad’s tool belt of humiliation is the infamous dad joke. These corny puns have been around since 2003, and let’s face it, they’ll never go away. Of course, no dad Needs one to make your eyes roll. They can do it most of the time just by being themselves.

For his well-known #Hashtags segment, Jimmy Fallon asked his “Tonight’s showpublic to share “funny, bizarre or embarrassing” stories about their fathers. Fallon, a father himself, is no stranger to the commendable power of a dad joke. In a 2020 interview with TODAY, Fallon admitted, “I’m starting to roll my eyes now where dad isn’t the funniest person in the world.”

Fallon don’t worry! Obviously, you’re not alone, as people have responded with some truly hilarious comments. Dads may be silly, but we’ll gladly put up with it for the love they give us.

Enjoy 20 of the best #DadStories:

As usual, Fallon left first:


“Instead of buying a smokehouse, my dad just grills in the garage with the door closed.” – @jimmyfallon


“At my aunt’s wedding reception, my dad ran out of the bathroom when he heard You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees and started doing the John Travolta routine from Saturday Night Fever.” – @MJ_Rose88

Kudos to the dads with those sick moves.



“My dad calls me sometimes when he wants me to bring him food. He calls me ‘GrubDash’.” – @FalPalAMF828


“My dad likes to play a very morbid game called ‘guess who’s dead’, which is gossiping about someone I probably haven’t seen in over 20 years and don’t remember at all, who died recently. Bonus points for guessing the cause of death.” – @jon_jonz


“My dad used to drink his morning coffee with his dentures in his hand while reading the paper. When we asked him why, he said his teeth wanted to read the paper too.” – @FallonHolic_


“When my dad took my sister to her first Jr. HS dance, she asked to be dropped off a block before school. My dad took her to the front entrance, got out of the car and announced his arrival aloud!” – @77BroncosFan


“I asked my dad if he knew who Taylor Swift was…he said, I don’t care who he is!” – @JessyKrupa

jimmy fallon dad stories

That’s Mr. Swift for you.



“My dad whistles very loudly. He sticks his head out the window and whistles at the birds. But when the lady next door heard him, she called 911. The cops said, ‘Madam, he didn’t whistle at you. He only flirts with birds.'” – @tostianascripts


“When my dad left a message on my answering machine, he would end the message by saying, ‘Dad is signing. “” – @RealRobFindor


“We were on vacation and the gift shops selling fudge were calling plain fudge ‘nut free chocolate’. A guy approached my dad with some samples and offered some, saying ‘nut free chocolate?’ And my dad said ‘what did you just call me?'” – @lauraceciliaOT


“My dad put a new floor in my brother’s house. It was all finished so we couldn’t understand why he was taking the floorboards back. Turns out he had seen a spider running underneath and was worried that it don’t be trapped.” – @Sohnzie


“Whenever my dad tried to convince us to try something new to eat, he would say, ‘This is so good it’s going to put hair on your chest. He had 3 daughters.” – @Bookelew


“My mom once bought a 6ft statue of Santa Claus at a garage sale without telling Dad. When he came home and parked, we heard banging and banging and swear. We went to look and Santa was lying face down on the sidewalk. Dad thought someone was trying to jump on him.” – @dknessfalls


“My dad couldn’t decide if he wanted to be called ‘Grandpa’ or ‘Dad’ so he just told us all to call him ‘Coach’. He’s not a coach.” – @iPopEditor


“My dad went to the McDonalds drive thru and asked for a whopper. When they said ‘they don’t have any whoppers,’ he just walked away without ordering.” – @Marisa_Rosie22


“One day we went to eat at Pizza Hut and sat down at an empty table with some leftover pizza. My dad, being the pincher that he is, grabbed some and started eating it. A few minutes later later, the couple come back from the bathroom asking ‘where’s our pizza?'” – @Alex_Erickson3


“My dad let a bee land on his hand and watched it closely as it stinged him because he ‘wanted to see the process up close’.” – @TrippyPsycholo1

dad jokes

Close? No thanks.



“My dad once tried to tell a lady she had a big bug on her, but accidentally told her she had a really big ass. It didn’t amuse her.” – @Sallyjo25


“My dad thinks it’s funny introducing my mom as his ‘first wife’…my parents have been married for 58 years and are over 80.” – @ annMcD87


My father entered Canada by swimming across Niagara from the United States under the cover of night.” – @albertduic

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Dads can be mischievous.


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