Innovative NC artist shares stories from his trip to Serbia

(WGHP) – There was a pretty famous old joke from the 1970s about the couple inviting friends to see “slides” from their last trip because it was entertaining only for the host couple.

But we flipped the situation a bit and asked Greg Hausler and his wife Diana to show us some photos from their recent getaway to Serbia. And, oh, what a trip it was.

“We walked about a quarter of a mile with all of this,” Greg said as they showed us the situation as they arrived in Belgrade. “That’s me in the back seat… half my luggage on me.”

Greg had been invited to apply for an art exhibition that the Ministry of Culture was organizing in the capital. Over a dozen accomplished artists from almost as many countries around the world were there – a veritable collection of real talent. The event organizers could do with a serious upgrade, according to Greg and Diana, even though they’ve been doing it for a while.

“The places were strange. There was an absence of people at the shows for a culture of ministry that had been doing it for years. They lacked certain skills like hanging things well,” Greg said.

Not that they regret going there. It was a wonderful vacation. But it was meant to be some sort of business trip as Greg tries to establish himself as an artist doing the work he does combining textiles, paint and other objects.

When it comes to calling it a vacation, the Hauslers say it was damn good.

“It wasn’t a destination we would have ever thought of,” Greg said.

They were then taken to Greece where they were supposed to be able to sell some of their work at an auction, but the event organizers then told the artists: “You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘sale’. at auction”.

But being in Greece for the first time made up for some of that disappointment.

“There was the Adriatic Sea…on one side and Mount Olympus on the other. It was just spectacular,” Greg said.

And it will go down as a difficult but picturesque lesson learned.

“We looked for all the potential bumps in the road, and we didn’t find them until we got there,” Diana said.

Find out more about their journey and some of Greg’s innovative artwork he makes at his Wonky Star Studios in this edition of The Buckley Report.

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