‘Infinite Stories’ digital art will take you on a hypnotic journey with endless zooms

It is undeniable that the digital age has truly transformed the way of life of humanity. The evolution of technologies in every segment has facilitated our lifestyle and digitization has also covered arts and painting under its umbrella. We say this because the internet has spawned digital art, which has intrigued internet users with its uniquely fun feature of countless zooms. A video of an artist’s incredible creation has set the internet ablaze. The artist designed a digital video with endless zoom in to tell “infinite stories”.

The digital art, which is going viral, was made by a Twitter user named Vaskange. The now-viral video was posted with the caption: “Original video of my artwork here. Stay tuned for more endless stories! The video shows a person zooming in on different areas of art to show a new scene each time. Despite countless zooms, the most captivating thing is that it does not pixelate. And the art has been done in a way that retains its original quality.

The video honestly left netizens baffled by the trick of so many zooms. However, taking to the comments section, the artist revealed that he portrayed the story of his vacation.

He said: “Translation here: I drew a new story on a photo of my office to tell you about my vacation. The excitement of leaving when you pack your suitcase, then the trip, the trip. You are already starting to release the pressure a little, then the explorations you do to discover new places, and when you come across absolutely grandiose landscapes that you did not suspect. But for me, the holidays are also the sun of the islands and the pretty little villages where you have the impression that time has stopped.

So far, the video has been viewed over 12 million times and garnered over 900,000 likes on Twitter. Did you like the artwork?

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