How Costa Rica’s Ecommerce Describes Famous Travel Spots To Boost Tourism

With travel restrictions and ever-changing airline ticket costs, it’s evident that the world of the urge to travel has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. However, Costa Rica is doing its best to sell the image online more successfully than ever.

As times change and restrictions change around the world, we’ll see new tips for selling old locations that have been popular tourist attractions for quite some time. However, this time around, they will be selling online in the hopes of appealing to a new audience.

But how do they do this with the volatility of the world and travel in general? We’ll quickly dive into some places and find out how e-commerce is doing its best to sell the country to a new generation of travelers. While there’s bound to be some obvious on the list, we’re betting that a few promising new tourist attractions will make travelers ask for what we have to offer. Let’s start this trip with a tourist attraction whose animal punctuates the action.


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“Sea Turtle Sculpture” by Dande

While there aren’t just turtles on display at Tortuguero, they seem to have a big draw for tourists who line up to see the beautiful plethora of loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback and green turtles. In particular, these creatures tend to attract tourists from February to July, as it is during this season that they lay their eggs.

On many sites, the main selling point is the turtle tours, many of which can now be booked online before the trip. This will help alleviate last-minute issues that travelers might encounter with late planes, as reservations can be moved to compensate for unforeseen flight issues.

While this shows an evolution from the Costa Rican ecommerce of yesteryear, it also clearly adheres to the rules that many online retailers will make you follow regarding how to recognize the type of product you own in order to be successful in selling online. . While Tortuguero and similar locations don’t sell something physical like many retailers do, they do sell an experience that can always be branded to create recognition among interested parties.

Experts in Costa Rica have realized the potential and are now offering tours, hotels and vacation packages to Tortuguero and many other places using the famous turtles as an image to spark intrigue. The site itself uses a mountain covering the sun as an icon, which brings us to our next location.

However, turtles aren’t the only reason tourists go out. A wide range of ecosystems ranging from beaches and mangrove forests to rainforests and lagoons offer a pretty eclectic display of landscapes to admire and it looks like marketers have taken full advantage of this on their websites to show just how a Tortuguero experience is truly diverse. is. With such a range of options to explore, people could easily spend a month visiting these exotic sites, and this is exactly how trips are sold to tourists.


“Costa Rica Arenal Fortuna” by Matthias Prinke

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Topping many travelers’ lists, Arenal is home to a volcano of the same name that has erupted 41 times a day. While the volcano is now dormant, there is still a lot of excitement in what is known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica. With La Fortuna Waterfall and plenty of hiking destinations in the area, there are plenty of ways to keep moving.

Famous Nomadic Matt ranks it # 5 on his list of the best places to visit in Costa Rica and, at the time of writing, his latest Arenal travel guide stated that a backpacker can live on $ 48 a day and that a luxury stay will cost you around $ 245 per day. Costa Rican sites promote the volcano by offering an increased number of trails and showing tons of photos from all angles.

Other websites go even further by offering several hotel locations, most of which have the famous volcano as a backdrop. Not a bad way to sell the image online while generating interest.

Saint Therese

by gslayher

While volcanoes and lagoons aren’t quite at traveler’s speed, it seems people are choosing the seaside town of Santa Teresa to catch a few waves and rest. Although by no means a small town, with a population of almost 45,000, Santa Teresa has a relaxed atmosphere that lends itself well to long stays. lists countless white sand screenshots and claims this is the perfect place for anyone interested in surfing, snorkeling, and yoga / spa.

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Travel sites really play a role in beach appeal with sites overflowing with URLs with photos of surfers and horseback riding on the beach. Relaxation is the name of the game and what a game to play when people expect their vacation to be pure relaxation. If the market is monopolized by downtime is one strategy, sites that advertise Santa Clara are certainly using it.

Santa Teresa also offers an impressive amount of dining options with Satori Terrace Sushi Bar ranking third on and having a perfect score of 5.0 from 238 reviews. While Santa Teresa isn’t known for one thing in particular, she seems to have just enough of everything paired with a laid-back vibe to create the perfect rest stop between adventures, and you can be sure anyone browsing the web for. vacations in Costa Rica the spots will know it too.

With the news that more and more international travelers are being granted leave to leave their countries, we can expect an increase in tourism not only to the places listed above, but much more throughout the country. Websites are capitalizing on this, with Costa Rican e-commerce making the majority of their sales before tourists even set foot in the sand. This should provide increased revenue, but will certainly present new challenges for the government as it decides what new tourism mandates it may or may not implement.

Depending on this, we could see a sharp drop in tourism or an increase in the number of new places that have never been loved in the past. Either way, it looks like the online portion of Costa Rica travel planning will continue to evolve with these changing times to increase online sales.

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