Here are your 12 best breakfasts in Ocean County, NJ

Links of sausage, bacon, pork roll, eggs, pancakes, the list goes on and on. I love breakfast.

We’re the “Breakfast Show” with Shawn & Sue, so breakfast is our favorite time of day. Thank you for always sharing your breakfast with us each morning.

When we ask you about your favorite things to do in Ocean County, your opinions flow. I love them, good or bad, you guys are awesome and when we asked you about “favorite breakfast” in Ocean County, there were a lot of favorite spots. . The majority of these 12 have had so many votes or mentions, just amazing.

For me, going out for breakfast is so, so important. It’s my favorite moment. I really believe it’s because growing up we always went to my mom and dad’s favorite restaurant for breakfast. The day dad didn’t work, Sunday – after church. To this day, I make sure we go out as a family once a weekend for breakfast. It means more to me than any dinner or lunch. Breakfast is my time with my family, I enjoy and love it so much.

HannamariH, Getty Images

HannamariH, Getty Images

I was driving around the island, through Ortley and Lavallette, and along the 35, the breakfast places were packed last weekend. If you’re like me, breakfast is “huge” when we’re on vacation. Holiday breakfast is the best. We find the best breakfast spots wherever we visit and check them out. I like.

Where is the number one breakfast spot in Ocean County?

THE countdown to the number one “best” breakfast in Ocean County is on…

Countdown to the Top 12 Favorite Breakfast Restaurants in Ocean County, NJ

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