Head to the Captivating Tourist Spots of East Kollam for a Memorable Vacation | Travel

The holiday season is on and travelers are trying to list the scenic tourist destinations nestled across Kerala. The eastern region of Kollam boasts of some lovely places quite charming to entice the sightseeing enthusiasts. Here are a few.

Observation control dam

The Lookout check dam is known as the tourist gateway to the eastern region of Kollam district. You could see the milky waters of the Kallada River flowing in the distance from the lodge near the Kollam-Thirumangalam trunk road. The check dam helps to channel the water coming from the Parappar dam through various channels.

Thenmala Ecotourism

Thenmala ecotourism, which is India’s premier ecotourism destination, has many interesting sites that can attract travelers. The center has an adventure zone, a recreation zone, a butterfly park, a musical fountain and a sound and light show, among others. You can also go boating on the tranquil waters of Lake Parappar.

Shendurney Ecotourism

This fascinating place offers both boating and trekking through verdant forests. The thrilling Kalamkunnu safari is the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the dam and the lake up close. From here you can also get vehicles to get to lovely Rosemala.

Pathimoonu Kannara palam (bridge with 13 arches)

Thenmala’s ‘pathimoonu kannara’ bridge reflects the ingenuity of the British in laying the state’s first railway line. The bridge, which runs parallel to the national highway, is definitely a marvel for travelers and has featured in many South Indian movies.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Kollam district. This popular waterfall, located in the middle of a dense forest, is 4 km from the Aryankavu checkpoint on the Kollam-Thirumangalam national road. You have to board the ecotourism center vehicles from the ticket office to reach the alluring waterfall.


The famous temple of Achankovil and the waterfalls of Kumbhavurutty and Manalar await you there. After reaching Achankovil via Punalur-Alimukku, one can return to Kollam via the Chenkotta-Aryankavu road.


It is here that you can travel through the traditional path of yesteryear. If you can cross the Nellipalla-Vilakuvettam-Chalikkara-Mampazhathara-Kazhuthurutti road in the woods from Punalur, you can get to Aryankavu and Thenkashi. The stretch between Chaliyakkara and Kazhuthurutti is dotted with the bounty of nature and many wild animals could also be spotted.

Thenkashi Kuttalam

Once you leave the Kerala border town of Kottavasal, vast expanses of paddy fields will greet you. The Travancore royal family visited Thenkashi Kuttalam very often; and a royal palace and a diwan palace, which are currently managed by the PWD department, could be found here. Old Kuttalam and Aintharuvi are near here.

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