Gettysburg residential waste contract to transition to waste management starting April 1

The borough will hold a mandatory public hearing on Monday, March 28 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss a possible zoning change that would allow resort rentals as of right in the borough’s institutional zoning sectors.

The Borough’s next Electric Bike event is scheduled for March 19, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. People wishing to drop off unwanted electronic equipment must reserve in advance. Contact Judie Butterfield at [email protected] or 717-337-0724.

The borough of Gettysburg announced Monday that the residential solid waste and recycling provider will become Waste Management Inc. (WM) beginning April 1. Borough Manager Charles Gable said WM was the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder, beating Waste Connections which has provided service for the past 8 years. The new contract has a duration of 3 years with an option to renew for a quarter.

The borough said WM would be in touch with local residents about the changeover.

The council reminded residents that they are required to recycle and should drop off their recyclable materials. “You are hurting the borough financially by not recycling,” Gable said.

Council member Judie Butterfield noted that recycling in the borough is a single stream, allowing people to put all their recycling in one bin, recycling was not difficult in the borough: “We have the easy task,” she said. “There are other communities in this area that have to sort their recycling.”

In other news:

The South Street renovation project continues, with the construction of new garden walls next week.

Construction of the proposed Shippensburg Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Building has begun at the corner of Water and 4and Streets.

The borough has unanimously approved a new flat rate for parades in the borough. Council member Chad-Alan Carr abstained from the vote, citing a conflict of interest.

Jill Sellers, CEO of Main Street Gettysburg, said the county has begun work on 250and anniversary and that public comments were welcome.

Police Chief Robert Glenny said the borough is updating its skateboarding policy to deal with fast and dangerous electric skateboards that have appeared on sidewalks across the borough. .

Charles Stangor is publisher and editor of the Gettysburg Connection.

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