Gadchiroli District Administration Aims to Develop 41 Spots to Boost Tourism | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The waning influence of the Maoists prompted the Gadchiroli district administration to develop 41 spots to attract tourists to the predominantly tribal district which has remained underdeveloped due to the unstable security situation for four decades due to the armed rebel movement.
The district has about 80 such places which have touristic potential, but the district administration had as priorities the most important ones which are already enjoying encouraging attendance. In addition to burying its bloody past, the district administration is also targeting tourism revenue.
The district administration, which developed the infrastructure in Sironcha for the ongoing Pranhita Pushkar mela by spending Rs 10 crore, has now earmarked other places in Gadchiroli for development as places of tourist interest. The district, which has substantial green coverage, also has diverse flora and popular spots like “Glory of Alapalli” for forest lovers and environmental activists.
The previous list had 35 places but six new ones were included in January namely Sironcha ghat, Nagram ghat, Tekda ghat and Wadhdham fossil park at Sironcha tehsil due to the ongoing Pranhita Pushkar mela schedule for which Custodian Minister Eknath Shinde had sanctioned funds from the Departmental Planning Council (DPC). The mela takes place after 12 year intervals with a particular planetary position according to Indian astrology indicating its exact time.
Collector Sanjay Meena said the encouraging improvement in the neighborhood’s perception of safety prompted the administration to plan a major image overhaul through the development of tourist spots. “We have categorized tourist sites into three divisions. Categories “A” and “B” of tourist places are of greater importance and are developed by the state government, but those (41) designated as category “C” can be developed by the district administration with a budget allocated by the DPC”, he mentioned.
Although there are no tourist sites in the “A” category, the Markandya Mahadev Temple site has been identified in the “B” category, which is also a place of archaeological significance.
The collector said the district administration is currently filming a documentary about the Pranhita Pushkar mela which will be used to promote tourism in the district. “We also plan to compile a coffee table book on the neighborhood’s historic and scenic beauty spots, which was the vision of former collector Shekhar Singh,” Meena said.
Apart from the historical forts of Vairagadh and Surjagarh, the district also has several religious places located at different scenic spots which are now included in the list of tourist places to be developed.
The district also has a rich traditional tribal culture, their unique socio-cultural and religious festivals or ‘Yatras’ are held every year.
District Information Officer Sachin Adsul said the 80 tourist spots in Gadchiroli have one meaning or another associated with them. “There is vast potential for tourism development in the district which is already blessed with such natural splendour,” he said.

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