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CHENNAI: Mamallapuram and other getaway spots on the ECR saw a spike in visitors on Sunday, the first weekend after the full Sunday lockdown was lifted. But it may take a few more days for hotel occupancy to improve. There was only a marginal increase in room occupancy as the majority of visitors were those from Chennai.
However, the return of visitors soon after the restrictions were lifted hints at how things will turn out in the weeks to come.
The Prohibition and Excise Department’s order allowing clubs and hotels to operate bars from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. or midnight and 24 hours a day for star hotels with the required license should also help.
Mamallapuram city panchayat statistics show that around 15,000 people visited on Sunday, which is almost on par with the usual weekend figures. The tourism department said 1,550 visitors came to Muttukadu on ECR.
Mamallapuram-based tour guide R Stalin said that “people also arrived by overcrowded buses from transport companies from Chennai and Chengalpet.
It was as if they were waiting for the confinement to be lifted. The majority of visitors returned the same day. We didn’t have tourists from other states who usually stayed for a day or two.”
These short trips including locals didn’t translate to business for ECR’s resorts and hotels, as they only achieved 50-60% occupancy on Sundays.
J Sethuraman of Travelxs said most hotels had lost around 80% of their business due to the Sunday lockdown. “Small hotels got around 50% occupancy on Sunday due to arrivals. This will increase in the coming weeks as people start coming in from southern districts and neighboring states as restrictions were lifted from 1 February.”
Chengalpet District Collector AR Rahul Nadh said law enforcement teams made up of tax, police and local agency officials have been trained to ensure that Covid protocols are not breached in the sights of Mamallapuram and other tourist attractions in the district.
South India Hotels and Restaurants Association (SIHRA) Honorary Secretary T Nataarajan said occupancy of star hotels in Mamallapuram has been low since the start of this year as people are afraid to travel after an increase the number of Covid cases.
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