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The Association of Government Medical Consultants sued the state in the Supreme Court for orders to make emergency pay part of its members’ pensionable pay.

Also called on-call allowance, it has been paid to medical advisors for more than 30 years.

It is of a different nature from the ordinary service allowance.

According to court documents, the allowance is paid to consultants in recognition of the characteristics inherent in their functions and responsibilities and as a mechanism to increase their net salary or remuneration without creating a gap between the salaries of different workers in the sector. of health.

Consultants declare that compensation is paid regardless of location or number of hours worked. The allowance is a fixed lump sum subject to tax, which represents more than 50% of their remuneration and which is higher than their base salary.

The allowance is also paid during their leave following a decision of the Labor Disputes Tribunal in July 2012.

They ask for statements that the allowance is part of salary or remuneration and should be treated as part of their pensionable salary or emoluments.

The defendants are the Southern Regional Health Authority, the South East Regional Health Authority, the Western Regional Health Authority, the North East Regional Health Authority, the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Attorney General.

Queen’s Counsel Patrick Foster and barrister Ayana Thomas are representing the plaintiff.

The accused have all been served.

The case management conference is scheduled to take place on March 24 in the chambers of the Supreme Court.

Barbara Gayle

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