Development of 41 potential tourist spots in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli to boost tourism

Gadchiroli in Maharashtra is ready for a makeover. The district administration has reserved 41 potential tourist sites in the tribal-dominated district. Gadchiroli is located on the eastern flank of Maharashtra and has a whopping 35% forest cover. The verdant landscape has remained far from tourist activity except in very few places. Soon that will change for Gadchiroli.

Previously, Gadchiroli had few tourist attractions like the Glory of Allapalli, a biodiversity heritage site; Markhanda Temple, which hosts a large fair on Mahashivratri and Vairagad Fort. According to the district administration, there were about 80 places with tourist potential, but not all of them were priorities. Those who received a good flow of tourists got the necessary development work. The 41 places are designated as category “C” (“A” and “B” are of higher importance), which means that the development work will be under the administration of the district.

When the district administration prepared a new list of places to be developed initially for tourism, there were 35 places; later six more were added, four of which are Wadhdham Fossil Park, Sironcha Ghat, Nagram Ghat and Tekda Ghat.

The development of these places for tourism should create a positive image of the district, different from the one it had in the past when the district was in turmoil due to the strong presence of Maoist groups. When there are places with potential, it’s always a good idea to energize them. Failure to do so could undermine their cultural and traditional significance. The district has a rich tribal heritage, and its beautiful and unique traditions and festivals can be shared with the rest of the world.

Gadchiroli is a naturally gifted land with healthy forest cover. Being able to share natural expenses is just an added bonus.

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