Complex’s Nina Bloomgarden shares stories about her time on set

What was it like working with Skyler Gisondo? Do you have any fun times filming with him?

Oh my God. It’s so much fun working with Skyler. Our first day that we worked together was the first day that we met, and that was the scene where we’re in the hotel room, and I’m sticking his head back together. This scene, already, for these characters – because they’re meeting for the first time – is really uncomfortable and awkward. Then for us, me and Skyler, although we had great chemistry from the start, it was always like, “Are you okay? Are you okay?”

I remember while he was lying on my lap, my stomach was rumbling so much because it wasn’t lunch yet. I was like, “Everyone can hear that, and Skyler probably thinks…” I don’t know. [There were] little things like that. But before each scene, we discussed what we wanted to add or what we wanted to add. If he had a funny idea, I added to it, then we created a scene before, then Andy [Siara] would be happy to have it. It was great.

What initially attracted you to your role and what were the most exciting and challenging aspects of filming?

Well, first of all, the team is amazing. You have Andy Siara from “Palm Springs”, Ben Sinclair [from] “High Maintenance”, then Sam Esmail [from] “Mister Robot.” Putting it all together is breathtaking. Then, on top of that, I really connected with Violet. We were dealing with similar things, similar losses, so I feel like she came into my life at the perfect time.

The first three episodes of “The Resort” air on Peacock on July 28, with subsequent episodes airing Thursdays.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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