BTMI encourages residents and visitors to share their stories

by Marlon Madden

Barbados is known as one of the most ideal tourist destinations for many people around the world. However, most people who travel to the Eastern Caribbean island traditionally do so during the winter months in an effort to escape the cold.

With this in mind, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI), the organization responsible for marketing the destination, has intensified its efforts in recent years to attract more visitors to the island during the longer summer months. slow, which take place from June to September approximately.

This year, a big part of the Summer Savings campaign includes the introduction of five giant postcards, designed to encourage residents and visitors to take photos at notable locations, leave their signatures and share their most memorable moment. on the island. By sharing their stories, officials hope it will inspire others to visit the country.

Recently, the BTMI, joined by several local social media influencers, media professionals, hotel representatives, officials from the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport and other stakeholders, unveiled the giant postcards.

Postcards are located at the recently opened Carré d’Or Freedom Park in Bridgetown, the Chattel Village in Holetown, St James; Bathsheba, St Joseph; Grantley Adams International Airport and Hastings Drive to Christ Church.

Upon arriving at each location, the group was greeted with music and short performances that depict various aspects of the island’s heritage and culture, including the popular summer Crop Over Festival, early English settlers in Holetown, which was originally known as Jamestown, and the tuk party, accompanied by the colorful shaggy bears and a green monkey. The summer promotion runs under the slogan Tourism Forward.

Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Lisa Cummins, said she was pleased that the island is full of stories that locals and tourists can share, which would help encourage more people to visit the island during the summer months. She encouraged Barbadians to seek out the giant postcards and share their stories on the storyboard.

“It’s a small island, but across the country, in every different place, there is a story to be told about Barbados – Holetown distinct from Golden Square distinct from [other] places, and the country as opposed to The City – So all of those things are what we want to be able to share,” she said.

“Go and find out where the postcards are, take your family on a scavenger hunt and find those postcards, then tell the story of Barbados to your kids and families and share it on social media,” he said. she declared.

BTMI Managing Director Jen Thraenhart said sharing the good memories was important “because what inspires people through the destination are those unique stories that are told by people; by the residents or by the traveller.

“What’s unique are the experiences people can have beyond the beach, sand and sea. What really inspires people are those unique stories told by real people about memories, moments and secrets, and that’s what our campaign is about,” Thraenhart said.

During the unveiling, a number of locals and visitors were on hand to share their fondest memories of the various locations and leave a signature. A couple who have been visiting the island for 24 years were in the scenic location of Bathsheba where they shared their story.

Matt and Karen ‘Kaz’ Keay didn’t just fall in love back then. They also fell in love with Barbados on their first visit in 1996. In 1998 they were back on the island where they got engaged, and two years later they were back for their wedding, which took place. held at Fathoms restaurant in Paynes Bay.

Recalling that they first hung out at Sunset Crest on the West Coast, Kaz said “we stayed at their place twice, and then we stayed at a place called Inn on the Beach, and that’s where that we got engaged”. “We always try to come back every year,” said Kaz, who admitted missing a few years. The couple, who are from Staffordshire in England, said it was their 19th trip to the island and they consider it their second home.

They said Barbados TODAY some of their fondest memories and what kept them coming back were the friendliness of the people, the authentic Barbadian cuisine, the ease of getting around the island, and the beautiful beaches.

“We love Speightstown and Heywoods Beach. We love roti, we love breadfruit, coconuts and burgers. We really like everything,” she said, while pointing out that they know how to travel economically. Kaz said that while they usually visit the island during the months of May and November, they weren’t opposed to coming during the summer months.

While on the island, they do a lot of sightseeing and sightseeing, and spend time on the beach during their usual two-week trip. The couple, who have had to postpone their holidays around three times in the past two years, said while visiting a number of other islands “Barbados is the best”.

“We feel like we have to explore other places, but we’re definitely coming back here. It’s the best,” Kaz said.

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