Biden’s improvised stories for dogs

Who do you think is fleeing the press faster these days – President Biden or Hillary Clinton?

Probably Biden, as he has more opportunities to interact with the media than Hillary, but that’s a close call.

Yet Hillary is no slouch either when it comes to running away from the Fourth Estate. She practiced a lot.

Just last week, she fled from reporters in Manhattan who sought to ask her about new filings in federal court by U.S. Special Prosecutor John Durham alleging she paid people to spy on the former President Donald Trump when he was a candidate in 2016 and when he became president.

To her credit though, she responded the next day on Twitter, Trump’s preferred form of communication. She said, “Trump & Fox (News) are desperately spinning a fake scandal to distract from its real ones.”

Yet the advantage must go to Biden because, unlike Biden, Hillary does not hold any official position although unofficially to her fans she is still President-in-waiting.

Biden is therefore in greater demand to answer the burning questions affecting the lives of millions of Americans, let alone people around the world.

But Biden does not answer reporters’ questions. He doesn’t even allow them to ask questions in the first place.

Instead, it acts like it’s standing in London’s Madame Tussauds wax museum. He squints at a teleprompter and reads a large typed statement, as he did at last Tuesday’s “press conference” on Ukraine.

Then, in what can only be described as an insult, he turned his back on the press, as he usually does, and took refuge somewhere in place, dragged by shouted but unanswered questions chasing him by the door.

Maybe the reason he doesn’t answer questions is that he doesn’t have answers because the words he reads might not even be his own, but words cobbled together by others .

It’s when Biden goes off-script — or asks questions — that he gets confused, mumbles, rambles, contradicts himself, and digs up stories, some of them weird, that may or may not be true.

Take his dog story, for example. Talk about weird. Speaking at a meeting of the National Counties Association last Tuesday, Biden, a former Delaware County Commissioner, received a call one evening from a woman who lived in a wealthy Republican neighborhood. She called one about a dead dog on her lawn.

“And I said, ‘yes ma’am, did you call the county?’ Biden linked. “And she said, ‘Yeah, they’re not there.’ And I said, ‘we’ll have them tomorrow morning.’ ”

The woman balked. “’I want it removed now. I pay your salary,’ Biden said, quoting the woman.

“So I went further. I picked it up. She said I wanted him out of my garden. So, I kicked him out,” Biden said. The crowd laughed and cheered. Biden, a working-class Democrat, had taken revenge on a wealthy Republican.

The woman, probably upset to find a dead dog on her lawn, was no doubt traumatized to find the dead dog on her front porch. But Biden thought the episode, if true, was funny and laughed with the crowd.

But is the story true? Or is it another figment of Biden’s imagination?

The story hasn’t been aired much, if at all, in the mainstream media, which provides coverage for Biden whenever possible. He wouldn’t want to turn millions of horrified dog lovers against Biden, further cratering him in the polls.

Imagine what the media would have done to a Republican or Trump if he had told such a strange story.

But you don’t have to wonder because there are examples.

Remember 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s defeat of the saintly Barack Obama, taken by leftist media when it was reported he once drove on a family vacation with his dog? above his station wagon in a vehicle equipped with a windshield. The incident haunted Romney throughout the campaign. The media made sure of that.

Yet at the same time, the media killed, ignored or buried the 2012 story of Obama eating dogs while growing up in Indonesia, a story he told in his book “Dreams From My Father.”

Romney’s dog was a pet. Obama’s dog was a meal. Biden’s dog was a joke.

Peter Lucas is a veteran journalist and political columnist from Massachusetts.

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