Base jumpers share stories of things they love about Sibu

(L to R) Akmal with fellow jumpers Capt Mohd Noorizan Mohd Yunus of Selangor and Tait Janting of Sri Aman during a photo op after completing their landing on Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Phase 1.

SIBU (September 18): Sibu definitely has a special place in Gary Cunningham’s heart.

The president of the Australian Base Jumping Association considers the welcome received by the townspeople here to be “extraordinarily good”.

Cunningham was among the first foreign jumpers involved in Sibu International Base Jump, which was established in 2009.

“There’s this family that came every year to support the event, and the best part was that they gave little presents for my birthday.

“We keep in touch on Facebook even after they moved to another state,” Cunningham said when meeting yesterday at Wisma Sanyan here, the historic starting site for the annual event.

Additionally, the Aussie has also offered the nearby Waterfront Residence condominium complex as a starting point, other than Wisma Sanyan.

“It would make it more varied and more interesting for jumpers,” he said.

Another skydiver, Jack Propeck, made 10 jumps in the past two days on his first trip to Sibu.

Propeck poses for the camera while preparing for his next jump.

He said learning about the local culture, which was among the programs listed on the itinerary, was a bonus for him.

He also admitted to having “fallen in love with Laksa Sarawak”.

“I’ve been into spicy food ever since I moved to Thailand last November.

“The thick, spicy broth of the ‘laksa’ really makes me want to try it again,” said the former British serviceman.

However, it was a different attraction for former Royal Malaysian Navy member Mohd Akmal Jamal.

The 37-year-old couldn’t help but admire the interesting shape and architecture of Wisma Sanyan when seeing it for the first time.

“It’s similar to any other high-rise building, but there’s something different about Wisma Sanyan – it seems to challenge me to jump from it.

“Why am I saying this (is because) the structure of this building indicates a different way of jumping than the usual jumps I do.

“Besides, Sibu is a very suitable place to relax and enjoy a family vacation, with its lively atmosphere,” said Akmal, who also expressed hope that organizers encourage more people, especially young people, to participate in this extreme sport.

A base jumper prepares to land on Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Phase 1.

The four-day Sibu International Base Jump 2022 ended yesterday.

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