Are Julian Classen’s stories pre-produced?

publications julian classen (29) Are there no current recordings in your history? Nothing in the life of the youtubeur has not been the same since last Friday. the bibi class husband (29 years old) formalized the famous separation. While his wife is currently with her new flirt on vacation in Italy, the 29-year-old is spending some quality time with his two mess sons (3) and Emily (of them). But fans caught a suspicious detail on Tuesday: shared Julian currently old videos?

In his instagram-The story seemed Julian on Tuesday to take its approximately 6.1 million subscribers to a pancake meal with their children at the trendy Café Buur in Cologne. In the video, Lio and Emily are audibly happy to spread chocolate sauce on an XXL crepe with a plastic syringe. Followers, however, drew attention to something completely different: Next to one of the children’s hands, an iPhone can be seen on the table, apparently not showing today’s date, but quite another: the seventh of the month.

Possesses Julian So, did you just download an old memory with the kids today or did you even plan the trip ahead in early May? Not necessarily: Since the smartphone is aimed at one of the kids, the layout of the apps on the home screen bears little resemblance to using the phone and the shape is not a current model from Apple, it might also be simply used as a phone for games for the little ones serve.

Smartphone in Julian Classen’s Instagram story on May 24, 2022
Julian Classen with his children Lio and Emily

Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

Bibi Classen in May 2022 in Italy

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