America’s Best Airports, Best Retirement Spots, Oahu’s Surfing Experience and More

For all those who have always dreamed of packing their bags and starting a new life in Italy, now is the time to think about Sardinia. The stunning Mediterranean island recently launched a new initiative that will pay people $15,000 to move there. And to show how serious they are, the government created a $45 million fund to subsidize 3,000 grants. If that amount isn’t enough, other regions in Italy are making similar offers: Calabria is offering a handful of new residents about $33,000 each, and the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio has offered up to $52,500 in subsidies to settle and work there. All this should do The good life even sweeter.

Airlines are the main victims of travel complaints, but choosing the right (or wrong) airport can seriously affect a getaway. JD Power recently released its 17th annual report of the best and worst airports in North America. The airport satisfaction study looked at three categories (mega, large and medium airports) based on six key elements: terminal facilities, baggage check-in/screening, arrival/departure, baggage claim , security check and catering/shopping. In the Mega category, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) was ranked #1 (with Newark EWR last). Tampa International Airport (TPA) topped the list of major airports, while Indianapolis International Airport (IND) was named America’s number one medium airport.

If Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing, Oahu has long been its capital. From February 2023, Hoakalei Resort’s Wai Kai Lagoon will offer the ultimate surfing experience where guests can surf the largest standing wave in deep water. The 100-foot-wide wave will allow up to three surfers at a time, and another 30 can hang ten in the “barefoot zone.”

Want to know what perks celebrities and other elite guests get at hotels? The concierge holds the key and possibly an unobtainable dinner reservation. Forbes contributor Jordi Lippe-McGraw spoke to Jessica Waddy at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown about what it’s like to be a VIP concierge.

Anyone who’s ever taken a vacation has probably thought at some point: wouldn’t it be great to live here? To help with this decision, Forbes identified the 25 best places to enjoy retirement based on seven leisure interests: arts/culture, food, lifelong learning, volunteering, outdoor activities on the water , outdoor activities on land and a special subset, golf. . This year’s picks cover all four continental time zones and 16 states. Most are good for multiple passions, and one – Austin, Texas – meets all seven categories.

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