Alden denounces the management of the pandemic by PACT

MP Alden McLaughlin addresses Parliament on Wednesday

(CNS): Former Prime Minister Alden McLaughlin (RED) sharply criticized the PACT government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic when he spoke in Parliament this week. The veteran politician accused them of living in “a sort of parallel universe” because despite “their smoothing out” how good they were, he had “found no constituencies of support, no endorsement of the way the government managed the COVID-19 pandemic “.

McLaughlin, who now sits at the backbench of the opposition, said if he was still the Prime Minister the management would have been “very, very different.”

He said that even if the country were to reopen at some point, “I don’t know who thought the reopening point should be when the virus is at its peak in terms of community spread … because that’s where we are “.

While he praised the government for continuing to roll out the vaccine and achieving a level of coverage it never thought possible, which he said largely shielded us from the worst ravages of pandemic, he described the current rate of community spread as a “disaster.” He said it undermines all efforts to rebuild the economy or revive tourism.

“The community spread of the virus to the level where it frightens people from events, bars, restaurants, shops. And… who in their right mind is going to travel to a country where the level of community spread of the virus is so high that you are almost guaranteed to catch the virus while on vacation?

“And if you test positive… then you’re going to be sentenced to your hotel room… Who’s going to pay for this privilege?” McLaughlin asked the speaker. “Without effective control of community transmission of the virus, the economy cannot and never will recover. “

Only tourist destinations that limited the spread were able to attract visitors, he said, wondering how the economy would recover until the government did something about the transmission.

McLaughlin said the government had not put in place effective measures to curb the spread of the virus since his return after 14 months without community transmission. He accused the government of letting the virus run until it goes out, and while that may work in the long run, he said, he didn’t know for how long, and in the meantime, it would destroy the economy.

“Someone has to get around this problem,” he said, as he called for the necessary protocols to be applied, which he said was not happening. Instead, PACT was hosting an experiment with a cruise ship, he said, when everyone knew cruise ships were the melting pot of this COVID pandemic.

McLaughlin also highlighted the problems created for the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA), referring to its recent meeting and the catalog of challenges they faced. He said the government was making matters worse by not granting permits and due to mismanagement of the community’s spread.

See McLaughlin’s speech to Parliament on CIGTV below:

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