7 stories about the importance of vacations

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Everyone loves vacations – theoretically.

While research shows people need vacations, policies and strategies around PTO often fail, leading to more stress. Workers often do not feel safe using their allocated vacation time; those with unlimited PTO are confused about expectations; colleagues are expected to take over, leading to more burnout; and vacationing workers feel pressured to overproduce in the week before or after their furlough — or even continue working on their “holiday” — negating benefits. For a policy intended to promote relaxation, holidays can be a minefield.

In explaining how it organizes its company-wide Global Week of Rest, HubSpot provided information on how to ensure workers actually get time off. That involves being “really clear about our expectations,” Eimear Marrinan, senior director of culture at HubSpot, told HR Dive in August. It means investing heavily in some projects and actively saying “no” to others, prioritizing the mental health of workers by rejecting overwork. You can read more about their approach, as well as other trends dominating the holiday season, below.

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