40 captions for tropical Christmas photos and just feeling right at the beach

If you dreamed of a white Christmas, it doesn’t necessarily mean seeing snowflakes in front of your window. Instead, you can have a blank sand Christmas with the ocean breeze and palm trees. It probably sounds like a dream come true if you feel like getting away from the cold temperatures. Besides packing up your swimsuits, sundresses and sunglasses, these captions for tropical Christmas photos will come in handy when you relax in paradise.

Mix things up this year by heading to a fun resort instead of a cabin in the mountains for the holidays. This will be a great time to thaw from the cold and focus on the sun and salt water instead. Swap your eggnog for a piña colada in a coconut shell, and instead of sitting around the fireplace, sit around a bonfire on the beach while roasting s’mores. As long as you have your loved ones by your side, it will be an unforgettable Christmas vacation.

When your entire crew is together on Christmas Day, be sure to snap a group selfie of everyone celebrating in Heaven. Then use one of these 40 tropical Christmas captions to make your photos even more cheerful and bright. It’s the sea ​​sun, after all.


1. “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is blue water, soft sand and warm weather.”

2. “‘It is the sun of the sea to be merry.”

3. “Who needs snowflakes when you have seashells?” ”

4. “There is a snowy place like the beach.”

5. “I wish this sand was snow,” no one said. “

6. “Seas and greetings from the tropics.”

seven. “May your days be joyous and bright AF. [sunglasses emoji]”

8. “Warmest wishes to all.”

9. “There is no season without the sea.”

ten. “Hey, Santa Claus. Sea soon!”

11. “This Christmas I decided to go tropical like it’s hot.”

12. “Christmas is better in flip flops.”

13. “My Christmas wish this year was to have sandy toes and a sunny nose.”

14. “We wish you a Christmas at the beach.”

15. “You coconut say no to a tropical Christmas.”

16. “I trade my snowmen for sandmen.”

17. “There’s eggnog in this coconut.”

18. “Sauté chestnuts and roast marshmallows over an open campfire. ”

19. “I’m sending you Christmas love from Heaven.”

20. “Deck the palms. “


21. “This year my Christmas tree is a palm tree.”

22. “Baby, it’s hot outside.”

23. “Striking through the sand.”

24. “I just feel at the beach this Christmas.”

25. “Dear, Santa Claus. You can find me at the beach this year.”

26. “Rockin ‘around the palm tree.”

27. “Oh palm tree. Oh palm tree. How beautiful are your branches.”

28. “I have sun, sand and a happy coconut drink in my hand.”

29. “I found Santa’s claws. [insert crab emoji]”

30. “Let it snow … elsewhere.”

31. “Don’t be my tropical Christmas jelly.”

32. “All I want for Christmas is a really good tan.”

33. “I dream of a white and sandy Christmas.”

34. “The water you make this Christmas?” “

35. “Happy as a clam in the tropics this Christmas.”

36. “I was a mermaid to spend Christmas on the beach.”

37. “I love a tropical Christmas more than you think.”

38. “Christmas stripper at the beach this year. ”

39. “My heart might melt because of her beauty here.”

40. “I’m looking to sail more, even at Christmas.”

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